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A non-comprehensive list of ways the holiday season grates upon my feminist sensibilities


The egregious gift buying; calls to bake the "perfect holiday meal"; the outfits;  the ugly sweaters we somehow must wear in the most ugly/sexy way manageable; and the  reminders that we could get f.a.t. this season, so let's diet ladies! There a zillion and one reasons a feminist could come to despise the holidays, everything we're taught to critique, and everything I personally find wrong with the world, seems to be wrapped up into a nice, jolly, present for us this time of year. Complete with a shiny red bow. Pun intended.  In case anyone wants to know exactly what it is that pisses me off so much this time of year, I'll list them neatly for you.

  • Jewelry commercials: For some reason, these commercials and advertisements are particularly annoying, for they signify that women are so shallow, they'll open their heart to a man for the right price- that price is the low cost of &89.99 for the original, holiday , open-my-heart-gag, pendant from (de)Kay Jewelers. Love's embrace ? #killmenow.

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bitter rant from tumblr

I am an introvert.  I love to watch the interactions between people and I stay out of them as much as possible because I dont fully understand how I’m supposed to act.  So I watch, listen

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Rant Post From An Angry Bitch


First of all, as a woman I don't think I am a "novelty" as a sports fan. That tired stereotype about women "hating sports" applies to such an egregious minority of females that I think it is time for men and women alike, especially those in the media, the shut the fuck up already about how "awesome" it is that women are watching the World Cup  . Newsflash you tone deaf morons: women have been into sports for years and years.

I am a femi-womanist. I like the colors purple and pink. These two facts are not mutually exclusive. I don't have to reject every gender stereotype , I simply have to acknowledge their existence . Fuck, I don't even have to do that. No apologies: I like the color pink and fuck you if you think that makes me less of a feminist.

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