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Congressional Hearing Held on Rape Kit Backlog

Millions of federal dollars and years of prevention efforts are under scrutiny this week as a congressional hearing is underway to address the massive misuse and failure of many major U.S. cities to address the backlog of rape kits. Since 2004, cities such as Los Angeles and Detroit have received over 20 millions dollars and yet have hundreds of thousands of rape kits sitting in storage. These rape kits and the funds secured through the Debbie Smith Act of 2004 are vital to aid in rape prevention and specifically the health/legal support of rape victims.

A rape kit is absolutely vital to victims and their families in catching or convicting their attacker. Without DNA evidence, a rape trial(if the victim is so lucky to get their attacker identified and into a court room) becomes a war of words; he said, she said. What is more commonplace however is the victim's case is dead once she/he leaves the hospital or police station. It has been reported that across the country rape victim's rape kits along with their initial complaint, are often not dealt with in accordance to the law, as officers and medical professionals are deciding the validity of her/his complaint on the spot.


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CNN Reports: Colleges Failing Women, 1 in 5 Still Rape Victims

From CNN.com

One in five college women will be raped, or experience an attempted rape, before graduation. Less than 5 percent will report these crimes to officials on or off campus, and, when they do, there's a good chance the system will let them down.

These shocking statistics were first issued nine years ago in a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice. Federal laws are in place to require schools to act on these allegations and look out for the rights of victims.

But a recently released investigative journalism series indicates that when it comes to dealing with sexual assaults, many higher-education institutions aren't making the grade. The investigation was done by the Center for Public Integrity, a Washington-based nonprofit that says it seeks to make institutions more transparent and accountable.

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From Corporations to the Street: How Political Rhetoric on Rape Fuels Sexual Violence on The Street

CBS News with the disturbing report: 15 year old girl gang raped by up to 20 people after homecoming dance.

Let that sink in for a moment. Gang Raped by 20 People.

Earlier this year, Senator Al Franken from Minnesota introduced an amendment, that prohibits companies to contract with the US government if they barr their employees from obtaining legal justice in the event they are raped.   The amendment passed, however  30 Republican men decided this wasn't a government issues, and voted no.  From this bitter sweet development, came a deluge of commentary from inside the beltway that used some of the most explicit and hurtful rhetoric, often times blaming the victim of rape and attempting to remove blame from the Senators who voted no by rationalizing some sort of corporate structure which allows rape, because the government should stay out of the personal lives of said corporation's employees.

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf

There was once a shepherd-boy who kept his flock at a little distance from the village. Once he thought he would play a trick on the villagers and have some fun at their expense. So he ran toward the village crying out, with all his might,--

"Wolf! Wolf! Come and help! The wolves are at my lambs!"

The kind villagers left their work and ran to the field to help him. But when they got there the boy laughed at them for their pains; there was no wolf there.

Still another day the boy tried the same trick, and the villagers came running to help and got laughed at again. Then one day a wolf did break into the fold and began killing the lambs. In great fright, the boy ran for help. "Wolf! Wolf!" he screamed. "There is a wolf in the flock! Help!"

The villagers heard him, but they thought it was another mean trick; no one paid the least attention, or went near him. And the shepherd-boy lost all his sheep.

There is a reason our parents, kindergarten teachers, mentors and anyone else, tell us the story of the boy who cried wolf. It is an important warning, not just a lesson but a warning to us: if you lie perpetually, the day when you really tell the truth no one will believe you.

A couple of days ago, several news sources cited theAP regarding a student who was allegedly raped by 5 men, 4 of which were pictured; all of them “of color”. Of course, upon seeing this story and reading the gruesome details, I was saddened, I RT’d it and then went about my day. How horrible, one young women is strangled to death on campus another is raped by 5 men. Is there no safety for us?

Fast forward to now;the young woman has confessed that the sex was indeed consensual. She made the story up and much worse, of the four men arrested, whose pictures were splashed across America’s televisions and computers under the caption “RAPE”, only two had sex with her.


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1 in 6 Women Raped In Oregon

(Update): NOW reports economy having dire affect on domestic violence: http://www.now.org/issues/violence/090309cadv.html

This is a truly staggering statistic. In the last five years, 1 in 6 women have been raped, 50% of which are below the age of 17. More disturbing: sexual assault crimes make up 1/3 of all reported crimes statewide.

What is the cost to society? $50 Million dollars per year. Law enforcement spends $35 million dollars of the total $50 million on health/treatment related costs alone.


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