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"Transgender and Transgender-Like Veterans"

From Monica Helms


This is my most ambitious video project yet.  It’s called: “Transgender and Transgender-Like Veterans – Part 1.”  Besides doing it in widescreen, I used several techniques I have only experimented with in the past.

This is a documentary of those individuals who crossed gender lines to serve their country, from the Revolutionary War to the Spanish American War. The video has stories of interesting people, like Deborah Sampson, Albert Cashier and Cathy Williams. It didn’t turn out too bad for what I had to work with.

I wanted to do a tribute to all of those transgender and transgender -like people who served this country proudly.  It was amazing what I found when researching the information for this video.  I hope you like it.

Monica Helms

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India’s first transgender beauty queens

By Jayeeta Mazumder, Hindustan Times

It was very different from the usual beauty contests… minus the skin show, the choreographed ramp walk or the presence of the glitzy fashion world. The contestants were judged on the basis of talent, confidence… and comfort level with their sexuality. Yes, it’s the first-ever beauty pageant for the transgender community in India.

The Indian Super Queen pageant concluded in Mumbai recently, after a month-long audition in 10 cities and intense grooming sessions. The four finalists are Bobby Laishram, Rani Botara, Arpan Banerjee and Ritu Bawgi.

The brain behind the event, Laxminarayan Tripathi, was the first transgender to represent Asia Pacific in the UN General Assembly President’s office as a Civil Society Task Force member. A founder member of the first Hijra/Transgenders organisation in India and South East Asia, Tripathy says, “Although what I started was considered ‘different’, many people said that I was doing it for publicity. But I never gave up.” She admitted that all the contestants were extremely eager to learn. Most of them would love to participate in mainstream beauty contests if given an opportunity.

The semi finalists had to clear three rounds — the ramp walk, talent showcase round and a Q ‘n’ A to bag the crown and prize money of Rs 10 lakh. Judged by gay rights activist Celina Jaitly and actor Zeenat Aman, the two runners-up won prizes of Rs 8 lakh and 5 lakh, respectively. “We are planning to make it an annual event. Hope we continue getting the support,” Tripathy said.

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India's first transgender beauty pageant begins

Bangalore, Jan 19: The search for ‘Indian Super Queen’ is on. If you wondering what is so great about the yet another talent hunt or another beauty pageant think again as 'Indian Super Queen' is the first ever beauty pageant for the transgender community  in India.

The commendable initiative by Twelve Noon Entertainment, an initiative of Laxmi Narayan Tripathi along with VCare, a diversified business conglomerate saw its launch on Tuesday, Jan 19 with the support of Bollywood stars Celina Jaitley and Seema Biswas.

“'Indian Super Queen' would bring the community of transgenders to unite and give a positive vibe about who and what they are," said Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, known as Laxmi, CEO of Twelve Noon Entertainment.

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Weblog Awards Nominations!!

The 2009 Weblog Awards

Here is a chance to share your love for our site and this community.  Please vote for for the following 2009 Weblog Awards:

This is the nomination phase, which lasts until November 20, 2009.  Finalists will be selected and announced in December for final voting.  You can leave comments or simply press the little green plus below our name.

Look around all the categories and you will also see some other great blogs in there.  EvilSlutopia (who write fantastically here at SGB, for example) and many other great blogs are also nominated.  Be sure to vote for them as well.

Thank you for voting!

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Call for Nominations for the 2010 Felipa de Souza Award

The 2010 Felipa Award

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) calls on the international LGBTI, human rights, and sexual rights communities to submit nominations for the 2010 Felipa de Souza Award.

Purpose of the Award and General Guidelines

The Felipa Award honors an organization or an individual whose work has made a significant contribution toward securing the full enjoyment of the human rights of all people and communities subject to discrimination or abuse on the basis of sexual orientation or expression, gender identity or expression, and/or HIV status, anywhere in the world. The award commemorates Felipa de Souza, a woman who was convicted and tortured in Brazil by the Portuguese Inquisition in 1591 for having sexual relationships with other women.

With the Felipa Award, IGLHRC seeks to publicly recognize the courage and activism of grassroots groups and individuals working under the most challenging conditions in pursuit of human rights for all people irrespective of sexual orientation or expression, gender identity or expression, and/or HIV status. We seek nominations for organizations and individuals from all regions of the world and from as wide a range of communities as possible, particularly from communities with limited access to movement-building resources and support. We welcome nominations for younger as well as more established organizations and individuals; however we consider organizational stability and a proven track record to be essential to the evaluation process.

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Openly gay man voted prom queen at LA high school

From the Monterey News, a nice little bit of news about gender, high school, self-identification and group recognition.  The mindset of previous generations is still visible, but as this queen demonstrated, it is no longer in complete control.  A recognition of our shared humanity is becoming more and more commonplace. :-)

LOS ANGELES — An openly gay teen was voted prom queen at Los Angeles' Fairfax High School in a campaign that began as a stunt but ended up spurring discussion on the campus about gender roles and teen popularity.

Sergio Garcia, 18, was crowned queen Saturday night at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

"I feel invincible," Garcia said in his tiara and charcoal-gray tuxedo.

A few days earlier, he gave a speech that won over some cynics and led to an ovation and his unlikely victory.

"At one time, prom may have been a big popularity contest where the best-looking guy or girl were crowned king and queen. Things have changed and it's no longer just about who has the most friends or who wears the coolest clothes," Garcia told a gymnasium full of seniors. "I'm not your typical prom queen candidate. There's more to me than meets the eye."

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IFGE Calls for Action from APA

This was posted over at International Foundation for Gender Education and needs to be seen, tweeted and passed around.




Whereas people are naturally endowed with a wide diversity of gender expression, identities, and sexual orientations;

Whereas, the distress felt by gender non-conforming people is fundamentally due to social prejudice and heterosexism, and is not a characteristic of their identities;

Whereas diagnosis of psychological disorders has been used as a form of social control;

Whereas, the inclusion of normal variations of behavior as diagnostic criteria has been widely used to justify discrimination against gender non-conforming people by individuals, governments, and corporations; and has resulted in material harm to people;

Whereas, the principle responsibility of medicine is to "Do No Harm;"

Therefore, be it resolved that we find the American Psychiatric Association to have a responsibility to ameliorate this harm, and hereby call for the following remedies:

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