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When Simply Stating Your Truth Isn't Enough

For better or for worse, we have developed a culture in which personal truths are valued as highly as objective facts -- sometimes even mistaken for objective facts.

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Picking out a strap on

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Stupid Girl


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I hate the whole either/or dichotomy when it comes to creative persons. Someone is either ENTIRELY good, or ENTILRELY evil.

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Webcam Girls Rock

Because certain ideas provided in the below article may be misunderstood, allow us to make ourselves clear: Liberatin

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At Stephens College, There are Limits to the Sisterhood

I just got word that one of my friends (and my former RA) back at Stephens College, a small women's college located in Columbia, MO  was given the boot, due to financial aid discrepancies.

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Female Ejaculation Part 2: The Tools You'll Need

Not that that kind of tool, get your mind out of the gutter

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My Husband is an Autogynephiliac

 On September 18. I got a comment over at my blog that rally touched me.

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Work it girl! Kegels and you

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