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I Lost my Virginity to the N.W.A.

Not to the band, but to their music. 

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am i really a sexual being?

Ever since ive been able to comprehend discrimination and stigma i have found that there are special stigma that come with being physically challenged.

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"We Want You To Think Outside The Box, but not THAT much".

Last night at dinner, I was chatting with a couple of guys from North Carolina. One of them mentioned his friend who applied to the North Carolina School of the Arts, and sent in a screenplay.

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Porn and Its Arch-Enemy

Let’s start out by acknowledging that Jesus, whether he was a man or a superhero, was a super cool guy.

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Trans stuff

Hi! Time for a welcome post!

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The Sad Saga of Caster Semenya

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Psychosexual: The misuse of fetish

Cross posted from sex etc...


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Men who want to have a woman's body (Autogynephilia for Dummies)

On men who are turned on by the idea of having sex in a woman's body. Are they perverts or something natural?

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Pussy Love

This is crossposted from Sex etc....


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The Separation of Church & State as an LGBT Issue

I have been sitting here for days, thinking about the state of queer rights in this country.

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