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My life as an autogynephiliac

 The National Gadfly suggested that I should post this text at sexgenderbody.

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Non-monotonous monogamy

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Masturbation Myths

Chances are, of all the things you've heard about masturbation, most of them were absolutely false. For some reason, misinformation surrounds masturbation like virtually no other topic. Since JackinWorld's goal is to debunk misinformation, here are some of the myths commonly believed about masturbation — and the truth about each.

How do you spot a masturbation myth? One simple method is to ask yourself if the statement is also true of sexual intercourse. When you're masturbating, your body only knows it's getting sexually stimulated; it doesn't know by what means. So, for instance, if the question is whether or not masturbation causes acne, think of it this way: If it did, intercourse would also cause acne. In fact, neither masturbation nor intercourse cause acne.

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Is Isis Distancing Herself from the Trans Community?

 Last Friday Larry King featured several trans guests in a show called "The Secret Life of Transgenders." Included were Alexis Arquette, Stu Rasmussen, Ryan Sallans, and Isis King.

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Transgender and Statism

Transgender (pronounced /trænz?d??nd?r/, from (Latin) derivatives [trans <L, combination form meaning across, beyond, through] and [gender <ME <MF gendre, genre <L gener- meaning ki

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Intimacy Beyond Boundaries

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My First Gay Experience

Having a friend read this, she said it was refreshing to read about a different aspect of gay sex, I hope you all agree.

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