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The Irretrievable



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Should gays and lesbians be able to marry?!?!

Warning: This may be a soap box kind of diary entry... it's a diary entry afterall, I can say what I want :P

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Joss Whedon's Dollhouse: 21st century Neo-Gothic

From a historical perspective, even the most modern of entertainments are descendants of ancient stories and ideas. Joss Whedon’s TV series Dollhouse, though marketed as a science-fiction/spy/action series, is at heart a Gothic story, a genre that dates back to the eighteenth century, but updated to the 21st century.

Echo in the Dollhouse

To do Gothic, first you need a house. The Dollhouse isn’t the traditional crumbling castle on a bleak barren heath; it actually looks like a slightly sinister day spa, hidden beneath an office building in modern-day Los Angeles. The series’ lead, a woman codenamed “Echo” (Eliza Dushku), is one of the dolls, or Actives. They are “programmable people”, imprinted with the skills and memories to be whatever the clients need, from soldiers to sexual fantasies. In between engagements, they are kept in the Dollhouse in a child-like, amnesiac state, beautiful and helpless, their every physical need met and under constant surveillance. It’s not unlike Laura Antoniou’s underground slave training Marketplace, or the Club, an island BDSM paradise, of Anne Rice’s Exit to Eden, “...where the lights never go out and you’re never alone.” Some of the more masochistically-minded readers might be wondering where they can sign up

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On Sam Schulman and "The Worst Thing About Gay Marriage"

This is a response to Sam Schulman's "The Worst Thing

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Everyone's a doctor--er, anthropologist

I feel called to congratulate 52% of the state of California on their admirable accomplishment; they have succeeded, in jus

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Is it time?

I'm on a wonderful journey meeting all these “sex positive” people and it's amazing. So many people out there who think like I do and want the same thing for other people!

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Misconceptions about Swinging and Swingers

1. Just because they swing, doesn't mean they'll have sex with just anyone or everyone.

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Gay and Christian

My partner is a transman. He was born with a female body, but a male mind. He is now in the process of realizing that male body that he should have been born with.

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