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Do swingers have something to teach non-swingers?

It dawned on me the other day that while I wrote the book for swingers, every relationship needs to create the same foundations.

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Un/Supportive II

After further emails from my friend, I believe I may have sourced the problems:

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Hey everyone, It's Lance again.

I have been on Testosterone for not quite 3 months and the changes are going great. I'm gaining some of the self-esteem most people take for granted.

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The world is am ordered place.

We look at the order and make rules.

Occasionally reality doesn't fit. And genital mutilation is the cure.



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SKIN: A Town Hall for Positive Body Image (FRIDA)


There is a wonderful event coming up in Chicago, that people should know about.  FRIDA (Feminist Response In Disability Activism):

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If something is broken on this site, please report it here.

Hello everyone.

I'm keeping this diary near the top for the first few days, as a running wiki in open issues experienced on the site while you are trying to post, read, comment, login or whatever.  Basically, if something is broken then email me here



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