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Who would Jesus shit on?

Media Matters posted this gem from one of the all-time self-righteous special hatemongers of our lord Jesus ChristJason Linkins did a nice job of rounding up some of the violent, ingorant statements, philosophies and actions of this 'servant of the lord's bank account'.

Or, alternatively, you can seek out the advice of a doomsday-predicting, despot supporting, Scotland fearing, snake-oil selling, idiot religious fanatic.


That's what he thinks! Also, there was another time when he thought that, "What we need is for somebody to place a small nuke at [The State Department]," which is not just an abomination, it is quite literally A BOMB. IN THIS NATION.

So, yes, this is definitely the guy you want guiding your kid's genitalia into an uncertain future. (HUFFINGTON POST)

I have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful spirit-minded people in my life.  I don't believe in God and am not a fan of organized religion.  However, I am a human being, very much interested in living with others in a way that is respectful.  So, I seek out people that can be with their own spirituality and respect mine.  That seems fair.  Some of them believe in a god of some sort and we get along great.  We respect and accept each other, not because we are alike - but because we are different and that our differences are our gifts to each other.

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Utah Gets its Freak On

By Joanne Cachapero
FSC Membership Director
Posted at XBIZ Blogs

My boss, Diane Duke, loves numbers and statistics. So it wasn’t too unusual to find her giggling over the results of a recent Gallup poll indicating that citizens of the state of Utah are the happiest bunch of folks in the United States. She’s just weird like that. “I think it’s funny because of the other survey that said people in Utah watch the most online porn,” she explained.

Indeed – just last month, survey results were published by a researcher from Harvard Business School indicating that “red” (or conservative) states were the largest consumers of online adult content. Add to that the numbers from the Gallup poll measuring overall levels of “wellbeing” for the 50 states and you could draw some interesting conclusions.

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Male cleansers for hire - The dangerous practice of 'widow cleansing' is starting to come out into the open

From Angela Robson at  The New Internationalist:

Healthy conversation: a group of men discuss the taboo of widow  cleansing and (left)former cleanser Esban Ochanga.

Healthy conversation: a group of men discuss the taboo of widow cleansing and (left)former cleanser Esban Ochanga. Photo: Frederic Courbet


The men sitting in the shade of a large thorn tree on the outskirts of Kano-Angola village, 10 miles inland from the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya’s Nyanza province, are in buoyant spirits today. There is bravado, there are lewd jokes, but there are also long periods of silence.

One man in particular commands attention. As soon as he begins to talk, the rest of the group listen deferentially. Esban Ochanga is tall and slender with a far-away look in his eyes. He has called the men together to talk about the practice of widow cleansing, whereby Luo women, after the death of their spouse, are pressurized into having unprotected sex; ostensibly to allow their husband’s spirit to roam free in the afterlife. It is a tradition rarely spoken about in public. ‘I knew my brother had died and they told me it was AIDS, but I thought a Luo could not die because of that virus,’ says Ochanga. ‘So I cleansed his widow and I contracted HIV. That is what killed my first wife.’

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