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Why I Can No Longer Support Current HealthCare Reform Legislation

Reading through my blog archives, any reader will infer that I am a major proponent of healthcare reform legislation. Not only have I spoken out in support of a strong and robust public option, I have trashed any Senator/House Representatives who fail to put the American public’s health as priority; whether in siding with insurance companies, drug companies and various other industry special interests or being a Republican/NeoCon.

As an insider, I have a special perspective on this issue, one which has enabled me to know personally the financial predicament of the insured, mostly caused by run-away insurance costs and steadily diminishing coverage. I know, first hand, how truly fucked up this country’s insurance system really is. With this in mind, I have donated to, written about, volunteered for and re-tweeted countless pro-reform causes because I know how important this is. It is safe to say I have proven myself to be one of healthcare reform’s most ardent and devoted supporters.

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Over a Million in Spain Protest Abortion


Millions of people marching for patriarchy control of women's reproductive organs.

More than a million people streamed through the streets of Madrid to protest against a loosening of Spain's abortion laws on Saturday, one of the largest demonstrations since anti-war rallies held in 2003 and 2004.

The Madrid regional government estimated the crowd at 1.2 million. A spokesman for one of the rally organizers, HazteOir (Make Yourself Heard), told Agence France Presse that 1.5 million people had attended.

"The presence of each of you here today in this demonstration is a commitment to fight for life," Benigno Blanco, head of a group called Forum on the Family," told the crowd. "Those of you who govern us must listen to the voice from the streets."

Marchers held signs reading "For Life, Women and Motherhood," "Women Against Abortion" and "Madrid 2009, Capital of Life.


- Sophia

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"Produce babies but don't expect to get covered because pregnancy is a "choice""

-Republican on the House floor.

What a bunch of fucking hypocrites. Excuse my language, I'm heated.

Allow me to explain.

The right wing of the political arena are hell bent on killing insurance reform. So are some left wingers, but for the most part, the Republican party is going hard on the "oppose Obama and collect dollars by the millions from lobbyists" tip.

While the Baucus bill is up for amendments and debate (the bill truly is a piece of shit, but that's for another blog post) several right wingers are pushing this asinine notion that maternity care isn't necessary and shouldn't be mandated.


Because Pregnancy is an elective condition.

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