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Yes, He Can

The last few days has given me some things to think about. The recent cabinet reshuffle in SA seems, so far at least, to be something to be glad about. Lulu was reposted somewhere else, away from arts and culture, presumably where she won't be able to criticize and condemn works of art as "pornography" and "anti-family", and Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba was also "redeployed", hopefully where either of them could cause further trouble by pushing their xenophobic religious fundamentalist agendas.
I wonder if Errol Naidoo is happy with the cabinet reshuffle? I would love to be a fly on the wall in his office in Parliament Street! Since his main contact in Home Affairs has now been moved somewhere else, I mean. I guess getting all those juicy right wing homophobic Bills shoveled into Parliament will be a little harder now. Whoops.
On the other hand, there are already several Bills lying on the table in Parliament, Bills which threaten the civil rights of Joe Public and - like that other nasty piece of legislation in Uganda, they are awaiting legislation, pending the outcome of decisions which will presumably be made while taking media and international public reaction into account. Of course, certain kinds of people judge the morality of - well, a morality law - by how many lives can be destroyed, or by how many people they don't like can be killed by it.
We need to keep an eye on religious fundamentalists, you see, they bear watching. Close watching, or before you know it, they will legislate all kinds of nasty little religious laws into effect, and then claim they were legitimately passed even though they were never publicly approved, or even opened for public discussion or input. One morning you will wake up and suddenly you won't be allowed to open your shop on a Sunday, or hear or see anything but religious programming on TV and radio. The internet will be restricted, and possibly you might need a licence to access it, just like those ridiculous TV licenses the SA public still get ripped off with by the SABC. (Did you know you used to have to pay a radio license before that? Interesting fact. But wait, now I'm giving away my age.)
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