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Semen: Is a Great Anti-depressant in Your Man's Pants?

Well, here's an interesting use for jizz besides baby making. Some scientists have found that semen has anti-depressant properties.

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The Largest Sex Survey Since the 90's Shows Some Changes in How We Have Sex

In 1994 the book Sex in America

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    New Project: Young Migrant Women in Secondary Education

    Promoting integration and mutual understanding through dialogue and exchange

    The Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) has received a grant from the European Commission European fund for the Integration of Third-country Nationals to implement a transnational project entitled “Young Migrant Women in Secondary Education – Promoting integration and mutual understanding through dialogue and exchange”.  The project has a duration of 18 months.

    Project Partners:

    1. Centre of Research in Theories and Practices that Overcome Inequalities (CREA)  – University of Barcelona (Spain)
    2. Centre for Rights, Equalities and Social Justice (CRESJ)- Institute of Education, University of London (UK)
    3. Department of Sociology- Panteion University, Athens (Greece)
    4. Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research (EMCER)- University of Malta, (Malta)

    Aims and objectives:

    The main aim of the project is to explore how the intersection of gender and ethnic stereotyping produces forms of exclusion and marginalization as experienced by young migrant women in the context of secondary education, and to identify the gaps between mainstream integration measures and young migrant women’s needs using a critical gender perspective.  The project also aims to develop policy recommendations aimed at improving the quality of existing structures and services in the educational context to reflect the different needs of young migrant women.

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    Research opportunities for Gay/Bi/Queer Guys 16-20

    Crew450 is currently recruiting guys 16-18  years old that have a strong Gay/Bi/Queer social network.

    Crew450 is a 2 year study exploring risk & protective factors associated with HIV transmission among young men who have sex with men (YMSM).  We are trying to find out more about health problems affecting YMSM and the different factors that might contribute to these problems.
    Participants can get up to $295 in cash for meeting with us every 6 months for the 2 years and referring people they know to the study.  Only 450 guys will participate in the study and you can be part of a great initiative to help us provide better services for more guys like you. 

    Give us a call to see if you are eligible for the study!

    Interested people should contact:

    Camdin Gray
    (773) 572-6986

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    CALL FOR PAPERS “Demystifying Sex Work and Sex Workers”

    Special Issue for Wagadu, Journal of Transnational Women’s and Gender Studies, Edited by Susan Dewey, Ph.D. (University Studies, DePauw University)

    Sex workers throughout the world share a uniquely maligned mystique that simultaneously positions them as sexually desirable and socially repulsive.  In order to better understand how these processes function cross-culturally, this special issue of Wagadu invites papers focusing upon the everyday lives of sex workers, broadly defined as those who exchange sexual services for something of value.

    While recent years have witnessed a dramatic outpouring of feminist scholarship on sex work (Bernstein 2007; Day 2007; Doezema 2001; Kempadoo 2005, 1998; Kuo 2002; Munro and Della Giusta 2008), much of this literature unintentionally reinforces the social stigmatization of sex workers by depicting them solely through their income-earning activities. 

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