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Double Take


South Africa as yet, has remained completely silent on the issue of pink human rights in Africa, specifically Uganda - presumably on the "head-in-the-sand" principle employed by the ostrich - if you ignore it long enough, it will probably go away. Perhaps they are right, but then who am I to criticize? I live in a country which seems increasingly desperate to imitate that other bastion of third-world lunacy, Zimbabwe.

Speaking of lunacy, Rwanda has taken leave of its senses - and democratic practice, and all the lessons we thought they had learned from the tragedy they became famous for, the tragedy that comes from persecuting whole classes of people - by deciding to follow Uganda's example. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but then I suppose I like to believe in the essential goodness of people, even if I am repeatedly proven wrong.

Rwanda is yet another backward African country which officially denies the existence of its own GLBTI citizens and yet sees no contradiction in having to outlaw something which supposedly does not exist. But then, that is probably the whole point of the law?
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