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In Praise of "Dress Like a Whore" Day

It's almost Halloween again, which at least in the United States means it's time for the annual panic shared equally by the right and the left: Girls' Halloween costumes are too slutty.

Now, I'll quickly agree that most pre-packaged "sexy" Halloween costumes for women are just ridiculous. (Take for example Sexy Finding Nemo, Sexy Taxi, or Sexy Policewoman with the word "Busted" across her chest.) They're also expensive and poorly made: Despite the ubiquity of the Leg Avenue brand, I've never worn any of their clothing twice without ripping it, and yet they charge over $50 for a costume.  I confess that I drooled a little over their wood nymph costume hanging in a store window this year, but I'm an average size 10, and I could barely get the size-large over my head without ripping.   When I gave it back to the salesgirl and told her it was too small, the salesgirl (who was visibly shorter and skinnier than I am) nodded and confessed that she didn't know who's supposed to fit in these.  Regardless of what you want to be or how much skin you want to display or conceal, making or thrifting your own costume is more creative and usually more fun.

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Junior High Angst: Self Acceptance Lessons from a Speedo


Wherever you go, there you are. Damn, if that had to be the case!

Everyone has their share of baggage. My childhood set came with my parents' divorce at age seven, being raised by a single mom on a teacher's salary, sexual abuse by an uncle, peer rejection and ridicule as a teen, and loneliness and isolation living as an only child.

While I've been on the journey of self acceptance for most of my adult life, had I known the angst those early years would cause me later on, I swear I would have attempted an earlier start!

It's funny how my thoughts and beliefs are still influenced by memories and events 20, 30, even 40 years old now.

Let's take junior high - 7th grade in particular. Some pretty heavy things happened in my life at that time. My mom and I moved to an upper middle class, white, conservative, Republican town, and though most of the time it can suck being the new kid on the block, arriving at my new destination full of pre-teen insecurities took it to a whole new level.

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There is a Should Not

By Judith Brisson

The credo there is no should when it comes to the expression of our deepest sexual desires needs to be accompanied by a small caveat writ large - between consenting adults.

The myriad forms of sexual practice pass muster today, at least legally, in most Western nations, reflecting Canada’s Justice Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s attitude, in 1967, when he said

“there is no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation”.

That statement introduced an Omnibus bill into the Canadian Parliament legalizing homosexual sex and abortion, and transforming the social countenance of Canada in one fell swoop.

Where there is a should, or better phrased, a should not, is in the realm of the sexual exploitation of children. Recent reports in the media of priests, teachers, principals, or coaches transgressing the sacred line that divides the adult from the child to consummate a sexual relationship indicates that the parameters that delineate these moral distinctions are in flux.

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