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Psychosexual: The misuse of fetish

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Trust and Power play: Safe, Kinky, Casual Sex

There is plenty of information out there about love and sex, relationships and sex, or emotions and sex, like that is the only kind of sex there is. Plenty of people have casual sex.

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Film review: Hot and Bothered: Feminist Pornography (2003), Bill and Desiree: Love is Timeless (2008)


Recently, I attended a double-feature at The Jane Addams Hull-House Museum as part of the Sex+++ Documentary Film Series.  This presentation's guest moderator was Serpent Libertine.  She is a sex-worker and member of SWOP-Chicago.  Assisting as always, was Lisa Junkin, Education Coordinator for the Hull House Museum itself.

Hot and Bothered: Feminist Pornography, directed by Becky Goldberg, profiles several women who are committed to making and supporting pornography, while maintaining their feminist values — as they take on the entire industry, fight sexism, and challenge stereotypes.

Interviewing several women involved in the production, direction, performance and distribution of adult films, many good points were brought up to consider.

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My sex-positive breakthrough

 I don't have a history of high confidence in the bedroom.

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