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Call for Submissions: The Red Umbrella Diaries [Blog Carnival]

(from Audacia Ray)

For the last year, I've been running a co-hosted reading series called Sex Worker Literati in my hometown of NYC, but now I'm striking out on my own to create a monthly event, The Red Umbrella Diaries, with a solid online dimension. I love my city, but I know that by putting down my roots and hosting events here I'm discriminating against those who can't be here!

Lots of people ask how they can be involved with the Red Umbrella Diaries if they can't get to New York to see or perform in the show. The Blog Carnival is a way for sex workers and their allies to participate in the Red Umbrella Diaries from afar. Every month, I'll do a carnival of pieces of writing on the upcoming event's theme. I would love it if you could help me spread the word about the Carnival and the series itself.

For the next event, the theme is Coworkers and Co-conspirators. Here's a little something to get you started thinking:

In every industry, quirky coworkers keep jobs entertaining, livable, or sometimes downright miserable. But what’s too much information and even sexual harassment at other jobs is just a day in the life in the sex industry.

Writers can send me a piece that is up to 700 words long, and I'll pick my favorite to read at the event - and of course then I'll put the recording in the new Red Umbrella Diaries audio podcast, which will launch in July. Your piece can be previously published on your own blog or elsewhere, or you can conceal your identity and email me a piece that you can't put your name on. The themes can be interpreted all kinds of different ways, I love to see creativity.

Send links or text to by June 15th.

Audacia Ray
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APNSW Video Work Shop 2010

In April 2010 APNSW conducted a training workshop for sex workers to learn skills in Video Advocacy.  The training was organised by Dale from APNSW and Ryan Schlief from WITNESS.  Sex workers from China, Myanmar/Burma and Malaysia came to the week long workshop, which was supported by a grant from OSI.

These newly trained film makers made a video action plan for their first film and will be making these films in their country in the next few months with technical support from APNSW.

(h/t APNSW)

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Making Sex Work - A video from sex workers


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Sex workers' rights: Neither guilt nor victims.

This video was produced by Sexyshock and the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe based on interviews with participants at the European Conference on sex work, human rights, labor and migration , which had held in Brussels in 2005, shortly after the stimulus XXX Forum organized by Stella in Montreal.

I can't say no to anyone shouting:

"Grab your make up, fix your hair.  Prostitutes are everywhere."

(h/t Cybersolidaires)

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Sex Workers Rights in Macedonia: You Must Know About Me - Excerpts [video]

By: Violeta Krasnic

In Macedonia, as throughout the world, sex workers are pushed to the margins of society by a combination of prejudice, discrimination, and violence.  Yet, the fact that a person sells sexual services cannot be used as justification for the denial of their fundamental rights, to which all human beings are entitled.

“You Must Know About Me” is a first-hand account of sex workers’ experiences and aspirations off and on the streets.  While dealing with harassment and violence from clients, pimps, and the police, sex workers strive to counter hostile public attitudes by speaking out and fighting for their rights.  The video calls for zero tolerance of violence against sex workers and the coordinated response of institutions to the actual needs of sex workers.

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Janice Raymond's Anti-Prostitution Screed Debunked in 2-part Video

I saw one of these excellent videos over at Harlot's Parlor this morning.  I think they both deserve to be seen. 

The anti-prostitution folks and abusive pimps have much in common - they all want to make money off whores without telling the truth or sharing the revenue.

I personally hope to see more from Laurel.  She has other videos on this topic at her youtube channel.


Sifting Through B.S. Propaganda {Janice G Raymond Edition} Pt.1

{a video by Laurel}

Sifting Through B.S. Propaganda {Janice G Raymond Edition} Pt.2

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March 30: Sex Work & Human Rights: Feminist Advocacy Strategies

Paradigm Shift NYC invites you to “Sex Work & Human Rights: Feminist Advocacy Strategies”, a panel discussion and featuring a screening of “Sangram: Sex Worker Organizing In India”, a collaboration between the International Women’s Health Coalition and SANGRAM.  The panel also features the following individuals:

SIENNA BASKIN, Esq. – Staff Attorney, Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center
CHRISTINA CICCHELLI – Columnist, $pread magazine
MARYSE MITCHELL-BRODY – NYC Anti-Violence Project & Founding Member at Sex Workers Action New York
AUDACIA RAY – International Women’s Health Coalition & co-founder of Sex Work Awareness
WILL ROCKWELL- Editor, $pread magazine

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Sex Workers’ Project at the Urban Justice Center.  For more information or to purchase tickets, visit:

(From Incite!)

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We are not only beautiful: Whore feminism in 15 points

I found this on STRASS and think it bears repeating.


Whore Feminism is :

1. Dictate terms to men in the sexual contract before talking, either about the length, practices, prevention and rules of consent.

2. To work with other women and queer people and thus reduce the risk of suffering sexist and homophobic jokes from colleagues.

3. Being economically independent of a father, a boss or a darling.

4. Occupy public and night spaces traditionally reserved for men.

5. Combat whore stigma that hinders freedoms of all women, by reclaiming the insult in pride in order to break the original meaning.

6. Knowing, loving, being comfortable with our body and our sexuality and take care of it.

7. Defending the free disposal of our body and not only for abortion rights.

8. Knowing that sexuality and gender are defined by power relationships and that identities are neither natural nor immutable but socially constructed and as such we perform them like actresses.

9. Educating men and to change their behaviour because we have access to their privacy.

10. The right to say yes as much as to say no. Fighting for the recognition of rape as a crime, including those committed against us and which our complaints are rarely recorded.

11. Awareness of the intersection between different forms of discrimination and being in solidarity with other minority women.

12. Respecting all women voices. Refusing paternalism that infantilises women and judge them unable to express their own will under the false pretext that we are manipulated, yesterday by the priests to deny us the right to vote, or now by pimps to ban soliciting.

13. Making visible as work all services rendered for free or extracted within the family and demanding financial compensation for this, unless to refuse them.

14. Fighting for the unionization of sex workers and change the sex industry, including being aware that gendered asymmetry between men as clients and women&queers as whores is the result of a long tradition of patriarchal sexual division of labour .

15. Refusing to be a victim.

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Desiree Alliance: Sex Worker Conference 2010

The Desiree Alliance, along with their sponsors*,are  pleased to announce the upcoming National Sex Worker Conference:

"Working Sex: Power, Practice, and Politics"

To be held in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada, July 25th to 30th, 2010.

Registration has opened!  Register now to take advantage of reduced fees.

Scholarships are available.  You will need to apply:

Click here for application in PDF.
Click here for application in Word Doc.

Chasque aquí para el solicitacion de beca en español, Word Doc.

We need volunteers!!  If you would like to volunteer to make this conference amazing, please email us at Desiree2010 [at] desireealliance [dot] org.

Please consider donating to the conference effort!  They are also accepting ads for the conference program.

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Depictions of Female Orgasm Being Banned by Classification Board

Written by Australian Sex Party   

Federal government censors are directing Customs officials to confiscate depictions of the female orgasm when it is accompanied with an ejaculation.  The Classification Board is also starting to classify films that feature female ejaculation as Refused Classification rather than X. Films that show both male and female ejaculation have routinely been given an X rating since 1983.  The new ruling follows a boom in the numbers of adult films featuring female ejaculation since the pioneering research of Professor Emeritus Beverly Whipple was published in her book The G Spot.  Recent articles in the New Scientist and on Norman Swan’s Health Report on ABC radio have raised public awareness of this largely hitherto unknown aspects of female orgasm.

The films are being banned (Refused Classification) on one of two grounds:

1) That the depictions are a form of urination which is banned under the label of ‘golden showers’ in the Classification Guidelines or

2) Female ejaculation is an ‘abhorrent’ depiction

Australian Sex Party convenor, Fiona Patten, said that the decision showed a lack of intellectual rigour and a lack of understanding of female sexuality on the part of Australia’s censorship authorities.  She said it appeared that some members on the Board did not believe the science around female orgasm. 

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