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Gov. Ed Rendell: "Non-Serious" Shows Like The View Are "Not Worthy of the Presidency"

More unnecessary and annoying outrage from the left  over President Obama's upcoming seat on The View's panel on Thursday.

One leading Democrat Ed Rendell, the Governor of Pennsylvania had quite a bit to say about Obama going on The View.

On why the President should not go on The View:

 the talk show did not have the required stature to host the president

On why the show isn't worthy of the President's status:

I think the president of the United States has to go on serious shows

For anyone wondering what exactly The View is, I'll run down the basics.  It is a show featuring an all-female panel targeted towards women.  The issues discussed range from politics, to current events, and the economy.  Most importantly however, is the show garners an enormous audience, most of which are women.

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The Outrage Over Kendall Jenner is So Annoying


What is she doing that is different from the rest of the fashion world? Models now days start working at 14 or 15, and no one- when talking about Adriana Lima or some other SUPER HOT, exotic model-seems to care when they blast onto the scene. No one cares when under-age, gorgeous, models strut their stuff in front of millions wearing bikinis and thongs. No one wonders about the extreme conditions these women are subjected to: the photoshopping, the makeup, the work hours, the demanding public, the pressure to be thin. No is asking questions about the fashion world's youth -fetish, the demand for young, skinny girls; the stringent diet guidelines that seem to be correlated with models' deaths. No one is saying, "you know, that model there is too young, her parents shouldn't be allowing that type of stuff and shame on them".

When the majority of pop culture considers models, they reduce that model's worth down to the way she looks - "She is Hot". There is no thought about who her parents are or whether she should be wearing a string bikini.

So what is with the outrage over Jenner? She seemingly meets all the topical requirements to becoming a successful model: tall, skinny, photogenic, exotic, white looking- but not too white- and she's well connected (thanks to her mother ). Suddenly there are comments popping up all over the net asking if her cleavage is too much in these pictures and if she's too young and too sexy. Why does everyone suddenly care?

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In Cameroon, Breast Ironing On the Rise to Stem Sexual Assault and Pregnancy

Warning: Graphic images and triggering language .

In response to the growing number of rape, sexual assault, un-planned pregnancies and contraction of HIV and other STI's, the practice of breast ironing is now on the rise, particularly in rural areas, of the African country of Cameroon.

Breast ironing is performed when a girl reaches puberty, the average age in Cameroon is 9. According to the BBC: "[breast ironing] involves pounding and massaging the developing breasts of young girls with hot objects to try to make them disappear". Hot rocks, hot shells and large, heated stones are among the tools used for this heinous practice. As the BBC article notes, international organizations are starting to take notice and of late, an concerted effort to stop the practice is now underway.

Video on breast ironing is posted within this article from HuffingtonPost.Com.

It is disappointing to know that the response to increased incidences of teen-pregnancy and sexual assault, is to physically alter young girls in order to dissuade the actions of men. It is as if these girls are responsible for the actions of men. Blaming girls' appearance for the increase of assault and unwanted pregnancy is something Western cultures regularly partake in. The next step of actually performing painful and life-altering procedures on young girls, is sad and very sick. It comes close to the practice of genital cutting, although not as graphic and painful. I sincerely hope to see the efforts of the organizations fighting to stop this practice, prove successful.

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Asuda Press Release on FGM in Kurdistan

The dissemination of Human Rights Watch report on 16 June 2010 on FGM and the reactions by activists and NGOs to the report initiated a controversy about the issue.  Also, in the last couple of days and on 6 July 2010, the Association of Islamic Clerics in Kurdistan issued a “Fatwa” on FGM in which parents [or guardians] of girls were given the choice of conducting FGM to their girls.

Following reactions and pressure on Muslim clerics with respect to the “Fatwa”, the Association of Islamic Cleric in Kurdistan issued a clarification which states “No clear text in Quoran stipulates FGM as a duty or Sunna”, however, in paragraph 4 of the same clarification statement says:

“The summary of the Fatwa of Kurdistan High Commission of Fatwa believes, parents [or guardians] have the choice to conduct or refrain from conducting FGM, this freedom of choice is not absolute, but conditional until it is proved that FGM causes immediate or long term health damage to mutilated girls, then they may not go ahead with FGM”.

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The Portland Trail Blazers Organization is Blatantly Sexist

A Black Eyed Peas song is bumping and a group of girls swing their heads from side to side while they perch their hands on their knees. No one pays much attention, except maybe to glance the girls’ way while getting up to refill their micro-brew. The gyrating continues, going from hair swings, to hip thrusts, to a roll on the floor. The clothing comes off, shirts are thrown and a mascot saunters through the all girl orgy, his phallic tail bouncing. The women peer into the camera with pouty lips and coy , come-hither smiles. Some attempt their best sexy-face and boob shake for the Comcast NW spotlight. From a 300 level rafter seat, their attempts to appear sexy may succeed, but upon closer perusal, the desperate sexy-face looks and overdone, sexualized routines resemble an SE 82nd hooker approaching a potential customer after a slow night. The routine ends and the girls race off to the sidelines. A meek applause ripples through the 20,000+, Rose Garden Crowd.

On Monday the Portland Trail Blazers announced their next general manager will be Rich Cho, the first Asian American general manager in the NBA. Fans, internet posters and beat writers reported this fact with pride, some even applauding the organization for breaking down barriers and upholding Portland, Oregon’s rep as a diverse and liberal city. When it comes to the treatment of women however, the Portland Trail Blazers are as sexist and non-progressive as an organization can get. If the hiring of Cho is the Blazer equivalent to the American Public electing President Barack Obama, then the Blazers are on the same level as Republican David Vitter when it comes to the treatment and representation of women.

What exactly has me so up in arms over the BlazerDancers this time? The team has recently added a “vote” feature on its BlazerDancer page, allowing fans to vote on who is most attractive. With the help of an aggressive but ultimately futile attempt at creating a fan-geared site called, fans are now able to “connect” with the BlazerDancers much like they do in  posting  congratulatory messages on player's respective pages. Unlike the players however, the fans connect with the BlazerDancers by voting on their appearance.

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Why Mel Gibson's Latest Scandal Is Important

Trigger Warning: Some of this post and linked audio are very graphic and triggering. 

So, I don't mean I actually like (alleged) verbal and physical abuse, I abhor it with all of my being. Abuse in all of its forms hurt women and children and scar generations leaving dire social consequences and years long ramifications that take a toll in every aspect of our lives.

The images on television of partner abuse is usually of some woman trudging into a shelter bloody and bruised , having just run from an abusive husband/boyfriend. When politicians stand up and speak out against partner abuse they often point to lack of funds for battered women shelters and want to increase aid for women who have left an (physically) abusive relationship. But no one talks about emotional, verbal and mental abuse. Stalking, rampant possessiveness, jealousy, consistent anger , manipulation, financial abuse, and constantly attacking a partner's self esteem with perpetual put downs and insults - all of this is considered emotional or verbal abuse. But hardly anyone seems willing to acknowledge this publicly; there is little to no media attention paid to verbal and emotional abuse.

So when Mel Gibson is heard (allegedly) cursing out, screaming at, intimidating, insulting, and  threatening  the life of his partner on tape, the media takes notice and suddenly this type of abuse is at the forefront of America's pop-culture consciousness.

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Wed, 7/14



Lecture and Discussion featuring
DR. MICHAEL KIMMEL, PhD, Author & Sociologist, is among the leading researchers and writers on men and masculinity in the world today

Moderated by SHELBY KNOX, nationally known feminist organizer & subject of the Sundance award-winning film, The Education of Shelby Knox

“Michael Kimmel’s Guyland could save the humanity of many young men-and the sanity of their friends and parents- by explaining the forces behind a newly extended adolescence. With accuracy and empathy, he
names the problem and offers compassionate bridges to adulthood.”
— Gloria Steinem

“If you’ve ever had a conversation with a teenage boy and wondered what on earth was going on behind the blank stare and slightly open mouth, this book will serve you well.”
- Chicago Tribune

Obsessed with never wanting to grow up, this demographic, which is 22 million strong, craves video games, sports and depersonalized sexual relationships.  Kimmel offers a highly practical guide to male youth.

GUYLAND is the best-selling investigation of young people’s lives today.

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Feminist Rules - A Recap

A lot of commentary of late is cropping up across the internet about who is or is not a feminist. I have read countless articles that have provided numerous rules and regulations for women (not men) who want to be, or already call themselves, a feminist. In case you haven't had time to surf the net and check off each item on your "i AM a feminist for reallllls" list, I will kindly provide a recap of everything a self-questioning or thinking-to-pledge feminist will need.

1. You have to have a college degree. If you don't, make sure you are enrolled in a college. Community colleges and technical schools are not the same as a four year institution. The intellectual rigor of feminist theory and gender philosophy requires  a diploma, without one you are probably just pretending. If you cared about the advancement of women, you would know that empowerment begins with the mind and education(previously an all male activity) is the way to go.

2. You have to remain unmarried. Okay, so this is an iffy subject. If you are a woman who is married, then you are choosing to conform to hundreds of years of patriarchal subjugation of women and thus you are by default not allowed to call yourself a feminist. There are some who will argue that getting married is okay; if you believe this then get married, but DO NOT change your last name to match his last name. Your feminist card is smoking when you state , "I do".  It will explode if you surrender your name.

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More Victim Blaming

This is all sorts of fucked up. In response to an apparent need to address the increase in "frivolous" lawsuits against celebrities for sexual assault that never went to trial, Britain's new government is cracking down on rape victims and acting quickly to protect rapists.

The British Prime Minister is supporting limited anonymity for rape defendants, says the BBC News.

In its coalition deal, the government backed keeping the identity of defendants in rape cases in England and Wales secret until after conviction.

But Mr Cameron told MPs he favoured a "limited extension" to the law to cover the period between arrest and charges.

Tbe acting Labor leader Harriet Herman is of course dismayed at such a stance. She is quoted as correctly stating that protecting rapists will only make it even more difficult for rape victims to come forward.

To single out rape defendants sends a very powerful message to juries in rape cases that the rape victim is not to be believed. It sends a devastating message to rape victims that uniquely of all victims they are not to be believed.

Although the article cites the statistical odds piled against rape victims in the UK, it concludes with the justification for rapist protection stating "number of cases in which celebrities were named in newspapers over allegations of sexual assault, even though in some cases they were not charge". Of course the actions of a few will endanger hundreds of thousands of other women, and for the British government that is apparently okay.

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Iran: Imprisoned activist Shiva Nazar Ahari to go on trial for 'acts against national security'

(From Women Living Under Muslim Laws)

In March 2010, Women’s human rights defender and WLUML council member, Shadi Sadr, took the extraordinary step of dedicating her International Women of Courage Award to Shiva Nazar Ahari, a young human rights activist and a member of the Committee of Human Rights Reporters (CHRR), currently imprisoned in Iran for ‘acts against national security’. Sadr refrained from attending the award ceremony in the U.S. in the hope that her absence would draw the international community’s attention to Nazar Ahari’s dire situation, urging the audience in a speech recorded for the event that “any measures available to you [be taken] to help to free Shiva along with other human rights activists and journalists in Iranian prisons”. According to Nazar Ahari’s mother, she will be brought to trial at Revolutionary Court No. 26 on Sunday 23 May. The offences she is being accused of carry severe penalties.

Please see attached our sample letter:

WLUML sample letter to Head of Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran.pdf

You can follow this link (and scroll down) to watch a series of films in Farsi on Shiva by Iranian WHRD, filmmaker and WLUML ally, Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh.

The Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML) International Solidarity Network calls on civil society organisations and UN member states to ask the Honourable Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani to do everything in his powers, as head of the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran, to address our grave human rights concerns and immediately release Shiva Nazar Ahari. 

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