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Heroin Sheik

An excellent article today in the health section of Why skinny models could be making us fat.

In it, the authors Jessica Bennett, Sarah Childress and Susanna Schrobsdorff, suggest the images portrayed on the front of magazines inspire unhealthy lifestyles that encourage weight gain rather than weight loss.

the contrast between the girls on the catwalks and the girls at the mall is creating an atmosphere ripe for binge dieting and the kind of unhealthy eating habits that ultimately result in weight gain, not loss.

The article points out that 2/3 of American adults are overweight while only 1% of our population is Anorexic. When the "mall girls" see stick thin runway models, whose images are heavily photo shopped in print, they could be encouraged to crash diet and then binge, which is actually the fast way to gain weight.

And on that note, models are increasingly encouraged to be thinner. The last year or two we have seen several tragic stories of runway models, often barely 18 year old women, die of starvation. This has led to public campaigns to require minimum weight guidelines, weigh-ins at fashion shows, and size alterations to accommodate "heavier" (aka, normal) models. But with the rise of technology, even the skinniest, tallest, leggiest models aren't "perfect" enough. With the fast progression of photo re-touching technology, even the heavily made up models are re-touched, have body parts replaced and have "fat" skimmed off their abs.

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