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I Just Had Sex (feat. Akon)

Haters gonna hate...

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Is Christianity Biological or Environmental?

(The following was inspired by a rather weak and badly researched religious fundamentalist attempt to discredit medical and scientific evidence which shows that a person's sexuality and gender are determined by biological factors. Enjoy - and please folks, don't take it personally - see it for the tongue-in-cheek dig it is!)

We all know somebody who identifies as Christian. Most of us are too ashamed to admit it, and shy away from such things. We live in fear of the day our son or daughter may come to us and tearfully admit "Mom, Dad, I'm a Christian." Oh, the shame!

We know these deviants are active in society, in our government, in our schools, on TV, in the media - they're everywhere, and everywhere they are, they're pushing their agenda. Very credible scientists now believe they spread by recruiting others into their unhealthy, narrow-minded, and dangerous lifestyle, perverting people's morality and just generally taking the fun out of everything.

The question as to whether Christianity is immutable naturally leads to the question of whether Christians are made or born that way. If the latter, then the case against conversion is naturally strengthened. If the former, then some serious questions need to be asked of methods of procreation, particularly the Missionary Position.
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Woman's Last Stand

Women have their say about that Superbowl Dodge Charger ad...and I love it.

h/t Ann's Scribbles

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Philip Huang: Sex Ed for Koreans

Philip on behalf of Reverend Moon educates Berkeley students about sex.  I don't know about you, but I want this guy on my street corner.

h/t Go Like Water

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