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"I Fought for This, But Not Just to Be a Housewife"

By Dalia Acosta

HAVANA, Sep 3, 2010 (IPS) - Mavi Susel, the first transsexual in Cuba to undergo sex reassignment surgery, back in 1988, has found herself trapped in the traditionally assigned gender role of a housewife.

"She is a woman imprisoned in that gender role," Marilyn Solaya, the Cuban filmmaker who made the documentary "En el cuerpo equivocado" (In the Wrong Body), told the press.

The film, which premiered in mid-August in Cuba, was produced with the support of the second edition of DOCTV Latinoamérica, the first regional programme to foment production and television broadcasting of Latin American documentaries.

The pioneering co-production programme is an alliance between national broadcasting authorities, public TV stations and independent producers from 14 Latin American countries, which provided funds, took part in production and ensured the broadcasting of the documentaries on 18 public TV stations.

The story of Susel, who underwent gender reassignment surgery on May 22, 1988, goes beyond the "complex and, above all, necessary" issue of transsexualism, to explore "the construction of gender" and the prevalence of the traditional role of women in Cuba, Solaya said.

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Silvio FTL (... again)

His public life has become more dramatic than a soap opera. I have written about him before. About his wife, her public displays of disdain and their highly public disputes. I have written of the irony in their relationship and how he represents his country-people.

Everytime I read of Silvio Berlusconi I am utterly disgusted.

As a man in power, he represents every negative stereotype people such as myself fight diligently against, He only hires women, unqualified at that, if they are beautiful. He invites young women, his own daughter's age, to his home to entertain him and his friends. Women are bought and sold in his own home, parties he hosts. In a shameless display of hubris, and with supreme hypocrisy, he runs an extremely conservative agenda. He is BFF's with the Vatican(way to go Pope). In every way, he reveals himself to be a misogynistic pig, with seemingly no conscience. A sociopath.

The Prime Minister of Italy.

The prime minister was in an apparently upbeat mood today, telling the press conference that he enjoyed "the admiration of 68% per cent of Italians" – though he did not cite a source. The previous evening he again joked about his reputation at a meeting of young members of his party. When a female follower got up to ask a question, he interrupted her, saying: "I'm letting off the boys, but the girls are having to give their phone numbers."

In September, for the sake of all Italians, may the opposition win at last.


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I am a single mother

A common way for public figures, politicians, and even President Obama to convey sympathy for the trouble us “regular American’s” face on a daily basis is to invoke the imagery of the” single mother”.

“I have heard from Sally, a single mother who barely scrapes by on minimum wage, who desperately needs healthcare coverage because her son has a preexisting condition and her minimum wage job doesn’t cover him on their plan”.

“We’ve got single moms taking the bus in the morning to one of their two low paying jobs because they just can’t afford the gas”.

“Jane, the single mother I met at a town hall, who is struggling to make ends meet and care for her two children alone, wonders what she’ll do when her unemployment insurance runs out”.

So, let me tell you a little about myself. My son was born right after I graduated from high school. Two weeks prior, I married my son’s father. It was doomed from the start, and to no one’s surprise, least of all my own, we divorced a year and a half later. At the age of 23, I am a single mother.

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Redefining Sluts and Whores

Today, I want to talk about sluts and whores.

Now, I know...there are bound to be some feminists and other folks out there who are going to cringe at my seemingly capricious use of these typically derogatory words. But I don't care. I happen to think that behaving in a slutty manner in certain contexts and with the right kind of encouragement is a totally fucking hot thing. I'm not talking about the kind of slut who sleeps with random anonymous strangers in gas station bathrooms out of some sort of compulsion. Or the type of person who gives it all up in an attempt to feel better about him or herself and get people to "like them". Those are unhealthy behaviors.

Seeing Through a New Lens


Allowing your inner whore to be unleashed and come out to play in a particular context--there is something very satisfying in that. Are all sluts (closet and otherwise) necessarily hyper-sexual individuals? I don't think so. Hyper-sexual in the sense that the whore is always hot and eager for their partner, that's one thing (and a very good thing, too). Hyper-sexual in a promiscuous sense, well, that's something else and not at all my point here.

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