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Owning The "H" Word

The "H" word. We all know it. We have all felt it. Sometimes we use it to describe traffic jams, the stuff we find on our sandwiches, the work we do, or getting up on a Monday morning. We use it so easily, but sometimes things happen to us that we can't control - things that are done to us by other people who for that moment, had control over our lives and made us feel powerless, insignificant and small. And then it is that we turn the injury done to us by others into hatred directed back at them - and make it all worse.

We own the "H" word, and we eagerly claim it with both hands - not realizing that it is not us who wields it, but it which wields us.

Hate is bad for everybody.

It's bad for the people who harm us, at least in terms of karma, but it's also bad for the victim - because it festers inside us. Hate is acid in the blood that eats us hollow from the inside and destroys us - and does the work of our enemies for them.
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