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Abstinence-Only Education Shouldn't Make the Cut

[via NOW]

Abstinence-only education is dangerous and ineffective, and has no place in our health care reform legislation.  But Senator Orrin Hatch's (R-Utah) abstinence-only-until-marriage amendment has been tucked in with the health care reform legislation -- and we need your help to strike it when it reaches Senate floor.  Women everywhere need the Senate to support comprehensive sex education programs, not ideological crusades.

Take action NOW!

Please take time now to call or e-mail your senators to urge that the Hatch abstinence-only-until-marriage amendment be eliminated from health care reform legislation, and that they strongly support a comprehensive approach to sex education.

Two amendments regarding sex education were passed with the health care reform legislation in the Senate Finance Committee: one by Chair Max Baucus (D-Mont.) authorizing federal funding for comprehensive sex education programs and one by Sen. Hatch to restore funds for abstinence-only programs.

When health care reform legislation reaches the Senate floor, we need to ensure Congress only supports a comprehensive approach to sex education and does not promote dangerous and ineffective abstinence-only-until-marriage programs that put young women and girls at serious risk.  In contacting your senators, you can use our formatted message or create one in your own words.

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Who would Jesus shit on?

Media Matters posted this gem from one of the all-time self-righteous special hatemongers of our lord Jesus ChristJason Linkins did a nice job of rounding up some of the violent, ingorant statements, philosophies and actions of this 'servant of the lord's bank account'.

Or, alternatively, you can seek out the advice of a doomsday-predicting, despot supporting, Scotland fearing, snake-oil selling, idiot religious fanatic.


That's what he thinks! Also, there was another time when he thought that, "What we need is for somebody to place a small nuke at [The State Department]," which is not just an abomination, it is quite literally A BOMB. IN THIS NATION.

So, yes, this is definitely the guy you want guiding your kid's genitalia into an uncertain future. (HUFFINGTON POST)

I have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful spirit-minded people in my life.  I don't believe in God and am not a fan of organized religion.  However, I am a human being, very much interested in living with others in a way that is respectful.  So, I seek out people that can be with their own spirituality and respect mine.  That seems fair.  Some of them believe in a god of some sort and we get along great.  We respect and accept each other, not because we are alike - but because we are different and that our differences are our gifts to each other.

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Betty Bowers explains Marriage in the Bible

 I love this lady, I really do.  She makes even the most arbitrary collection of gobbledygook and delusional ravings of sun-cooked lunatics seem like the mere simplistic hypocrisy that it is.

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