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Kink bloggers open thread: how do you feel about BDSM blogging?

A while back I wrote a post called Where Are All The Male Dominant Bloggers?, because I didn’t feel like there are very many male dominant bloggers out there. I recently discovered that before my post, Thomas over at Yes Means Yes wrote one called Where Are The Women Tops? Where Are The Men Bottoms? Which just goes to show.

So you know what I think we need? A Kink Bloggers Open Thread! If you know about an awesome BDSM blogger, post ‘em. If you yourself are a BDSM blogger, post about that. Any gender, sex, orientation, whatever is welcome. If you feel like adding any special details, you can talk about what you like best about the blog(s) you’re posting.

Also, I would love to have some cross-talk on the following Exciting Questions!

1) Do you have any frustrations about kink blogging?
1a) Are there any topics you’re nervous about or afraid of posting about? Why?

2) Do you think you have weaknesses as a kink blogger?

3) Hey, what do you actually like about being a kink blogger?

4) Do you blog under your real name? How many people who know you in the mainstream world know about your blog?

5) Got any questions you want to ask other kink bloggers?

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Survey For Southern Transgender Folks

This survey is intended for individuals who identify under the Trans umbrella who currently or once resided in the South. If this is not you, please exit and forward this on to a Southern friend.

Hi, my name is BT and I am a trans man of color who's a part of a Southern Regional LGBTQ organization called SONG [Southerners On New Ground] ( and I am working to gather data that is reflective of the conditions and needs of trans people who currently reside (or lived for any period of time) in the South.

If you fit that criteria it would be greatly appreciated if you took a few minutes to answer the survey that asks 3 questions around conditions and ask for 3 solutions to address them. This information will be compiled in hopes of helping to amplify the voices of Southern trans people and coming up with either ONE main resonating issue or a few equal issues that could be presented in June to the USSF in Detroit ( as a part of a People's Movement Assembly (PMA) where a larger discussion will take place across other social justice causes. This People's Movement Assembly works to let the forum know the concerns/needs/desires of trans people in the South and ask those in attendance and beyond to join US in the ongoing work towards the resolution(s) of the presented issue(s).

For purposes of this survey the Southeast states are: (Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida)

The deadline to submit this survey is: May 10th, 2010.

Click here to take survey!.

You can help promote this cause by filling out the survey (if you fit the criteria) and passing it to others who also fit the criteria.

Email ( and add (Click here to take survey) friendly link to your FACEBOOK, web pages and other networks you might be a part of.

NOTE: This survey is totally anonymous, no names / email addresses are required. All demographic information is for the gathering of concrete data that gives us an idea to what our community looks like and is concerned about. You may provide your email address in any of the boxes below to obtain the decided action plan results from this survey. We assure you that we will not associate any names / email addresses with any comments & feedback shared on this survey unless we are given explicit permission to do so.

I thank you for your time.



(via TransTalk)

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2010 Survey of Men Having Sex with Men, Living in Asia

No Names, No Faces,
Only the Sordid Details.

If you are a man who has sex with other men, or a transgendered person, we invite you to participate in our community-driven survey.  Participation is open to all those living in Asia.

It is completely anonymous - no names are recorded - and takes less than 10 minutes to finish.

The results will give us critical information in understanding why HIV and other sexually transmitted infection rates are rising so quickly in our community, and help us design better programs for you.

From January 1 to 28 February 2010.

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Sexuality and Access Project Survey

The Sexuality and Access Project is looking for people who use attendant services as well as attendants to participate in an anonymous survey.

The survey is part of this two-year project, funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.  The goal of the project is to give Ontarians with disabilities greater control over their lives by providing them and their personal service attendants with the skills and knowledge to protect and develop their sexual health and safety.

There are two surveys.   One is for persons with disabilities who use attendant services.  The other is for attendants.

If you are in either of these categories, or you know someone who is, please complete the survey or pass the information along.

To take a survey online, please follow one of the links below.  Each link will take you directly to the survey named:

Sexuality and Access Survey for persons with disabilities

Sexuality and Access Survey for attendants

DEADLINE: January 31, 2010

If you need assistance in filling out a survey, or prefer to participate in a phone survey, please contact Fran Odette.

To learn more about the project or to receive a version of the online survey in alternate format, contact:

Fran Odette, Project Coordinator
416-968-3422 Ext. 30

This project is done in partnership with the Centre for Independent Living in Toronto, Niagara Centre for Independent Living, and Independent Centre and Network.

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Help Needed For Gender Perceptions Dissertation Recruiting

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a doctoral candidate at Alliant International University, San Diego. For my dissertation, I am examining gender perceptions among people with various sexual orientations/gender identities.

The research study was developed in consultation with my dissertation committee, LGBT individuals, and was approved by the institutional review board (IRB) at Alliant International University.

I am looking for CA residents (18+ years old) to complete an anonymous online questionnaire, available at: (instead of .org or .com).  More specifically, I am recruiting (a) heterosexual individuals, (b) parents of heterosexual individuals, and (c) parents of transgendered individuals. 

(I have fortunately already gathered enough responses from transgendered individuals, gay/lesbian individuals, and parents of gay/lesbians.)

I hope that this study will contribute to further understanding of the understudied and underserved population.  I also believe the knowledge gained from this study will help therapists in addressing issues related to sexual and gender orientation.

I would appreciate if you could help circulate this information.  Additionally, I would be happy to provide more information or fliers upon request.

Thank you,

Jennifer Mato, M.A., LMFT
Marital and Family Therapy Doctoral Candidate
Alliant International University (San Diego)

Dissertation chair: Narumi Taniguchi, Ph.D.

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[Survey] Sexism as Experienced by Transgender Individuals

Here is a survey being conducted to measure sexism from a trans perspective.  The link is at the bottom and some information about the staff and the survey should indicate if this is something that you can add to. -a

Hello, my name is Caitlyn Benoit, and I’m a member of a research team out of the Psychology Department at Southwestern Illinois College, an accredited school in the St. Louis Metro East area.  Our research group is conducting a study about sexism as experienced and viewed by transgender individuals.

The best way to address what we hope to learn from this study is by starting with what we’re not trying to accomplish.  We are not trying to document the transgender experience; we are specifically studying sexism.  We believe that transsexual individuals – having experienced life as both genders – can offer valuable insight as to how members of each sex are perceived and treated in the workplace, relationships, schools, and other areas.

This study is being headed by Dr. Barbara Hunter, a psychology professor and active ally to the LGBT community.  All student members of the research team are psychology students and either allies to or members of the LGBT community.

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LGBT Parenting Study Seeking Your Family's Input

transparents dads lesmoms

Our online survey explores the ways in which LGBT parents and their children manage social policies and pressures within their communities.  The survey is kind of long—it may take you an hour to complete.  However, we want to learn about each family’s perspectives, experiences, and opinions.  Parents are asked questions about topics such as attitudes in your community, parenting and family relationships, social pressures and sources of support, as well as questions regarding your child(ren).  Children are also welcomed to participate in our study.

At this point, over 150 LGBT families from 24 states have participated, but we want to hear more voices and perspectives.  So far, we only have small numbers of gay dads and trans-parents–we need your help!  We want families from ALL backgrounds: economic, ethnic, spiritual, and disabled diverse families.  With your help, we hope to better understand challenges facing LGBT families and promote social policies that support all families.

If you would like to participate or to learn more about us, please check out our website:

If you have questions, ideas, or comments please feel free to email Beth Haines ( ) or Julie Konik (

Thanks again for your help!

Beth Haines, Julie Konik, and Siobhan Brooks
Sarah Bruemmer and Erin Henzi

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Participate in a Study on Feminism and Mothering

University of Mary Washington Mothering Study

Hello, our names are Mindy Erchull and Miriam Liss. We are faculty members in the psychology department at the University of Mary Washington. We are inviting you to participate in our research study. Participation in this study is completely voluntary.

The purpose of the study is to learn about how women today feel about the relationship between mothering and feminism.

If you choose to participate, you will complete an online questionnaire. This will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes. Although you will need to provide us with a valid email address, all of your responses will remain anonymous. Please do not add any extra personal information that is not asked for, as this could hinder the anonymity of your responses. You do not have to answer any question that makes you feel uncomfortable, and you may end the survey at anytime.

The benefits of this study include an increased knowledge of the relationship between feminism and mothering. We do not anticipate that you will encounter any negative consequences as a result of your participation in this study.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mindy Erchull at

This study has been approved by the institutional review board of the University of Mary Washington. Questions or concerns can also be addressed to us (Dr. Mindy Erchull: or Dr. Miriam Liss: as well as the chair of the institutional review board (Dr. Holly Schiffrin:

If you wish to continue with the study, you will be sent to a screen where you will be asked to provide your name as well as a valid email address. Neither your name nor your email address will be linked to your data in any way. However, if you feel more comfortable doing so, you may leave the name fields blank. You must, however, provide a valid email address that you can access immediately to receive your unique link to the survey. You can only use your email address once.

By clicking the link to continue, you are stating that you are at least 18 years old (or have a parental consent form on file in the UMW psychology office) and agree to participate in the study. 

Click here if you wish to continue.

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