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Swingers are a girl's best friend!

I tell you what; the women in the lifestyle are generally in the best position to get what they want and single women even more so!

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International Swingers Day? Even I Didn't Know That

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"Nothing risqué, nothing gained." (Alexander Woollcott)

Apparently, there's an International Swingers Day that even I, a swinger for at least the last eight years, didn't know about.  It apparently happened this year on August 15th.  (I missed it.  Not sure what I was doing, but it wasn't swinging.)  Now another International Swingers Day will occur on August 14, 2010.

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Sex Party Poopers

After experiencing the success of the Pleasure Salon, we asked the question, “Can we replicate this multi-dimensional sexual experience in a sex party setting?”  We’ve been enjoying swinger sex clubs for years, but were getting jaded with the “swinger only” scene.  And, even though we’re swingers, we’re considered “fringe” because we dabble in other sexual sub-cultures (including the BDSM scene).  We discussed the potential results of adding different types of sex-positive people to our sexual circle and concluded that the mix would certainly spice things up for us.  So, in the interest of science, we planned “Our Party Experiment.” 

We felt we had enough research to begin our experiment since we had visited swing clubs and dungeons multiple times, and had a variety of friends in these sub-communities.  Based on our experiences and discussion with our roommate, an experienced Dom in the BDSM community, we constructed a set of variables that we felt would help us conduct Our Party Experiment (and contribute to a fun evening of sexual play). 

We began with the assumption that all sex-positive people like sex and parties and that, if introduced, they would intermingle and have wild sex.  Our hypothesis was: 

“If we put a group of diverse, sex-positive people together in a liquor-lubricated environment and give them a safe, comfortable place to have sex, we can expect a wild sex party with interesting orgies."

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Misconceptions about Swinging and Swingers

1. Just because they swing, doesn't mean they'll have sex with just anyone or everyone.

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Do swingers have something to teach non-swingers?

It dawned on me the other day that while I wrote the book for swingers, every relationship needs to create the same foundations.

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