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History: Woman now Top Army Drill Sargeant

The New York Times reports:

On Tuesday, the Army will make Command Sgt. Maj. Teresa L. King, 48, commandant of its drill sergeant school here. It is a first: No woman has run one of the Army’s rigorous schools for drill instructors

Sgt. Maj. Teresa King is a hard core, no nonsense prototypical drill sergeant. She is also a woman and African American, a descendent of share croppers. Her ascent is even more important because of Army consolidation; she will now run the entire training operation for the United States Army.

Famous for their Smokey Bear hats, booming voices and no-nonsense demeanors, those sergeants transform tens of thousands of raw recruits into soldiers each year. It is one of the backbone jobs of the military, and having a woman in charge underscores the expanding role of women in the Army’s leadership.

I find this development to be especially meaningful. Her demeanor, her rise to leadership and her humble beginnings make her story truly inspiring.


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