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Concerning Bullies

Lately with all the high profile, teen suicides, the topic of bullies has been on everyone's lips. 

Bullying is a by-product of rape culture and of a military theocracy, which is the predominant social structure on this planet.  Aka Kyriarchy, it is the world's longest running tragedy.  It opened in the Bronze Age and has been held over for 275,600 weeks.

It is a system that sustains itself by keeping vast numbers of poor, uninformed, unreasoning and superstitious people living, breeding and dying under the belief that their next life will be better than this.  Meanwhile, a small number of people who are informed, profit immensely and live their lives in every bit the idyllic splendor they promise to those who labor and die in poverty to make it all possible.  They hoard the wealth of society in a small number of people. 

What is wealth?  It is the tangible benefits of a society working together: food, shelter, warmth, sex, knowledge, joy and long life.  No society lasts for long when the benefits are hoarded in the hands of only a few.

The simple glue that holds this system together?  Bullying.

A man's home is his castle

This is the kōan and reinforcing message to every man across the planet., from wealthy to dirt-ass poor  It is an ego boost and a promise of some small reward for perpetuating the system of oppression that keeps him down.  It is a permission slip to brutalize women and children.  He may "belong to" a factory or a warlord or a wealthy man and as a result be forced to endure shame, pain, poverty, helplessness, disease, injury or even death.  He takes in form of a bribe, permission to "own" a woman and whatever children they have.  He may be the lowest form of scum in his town, but when he gets home - he can put a woman down, put a child down and become the king of his pile of shit.  Until tomorrow, when he leaves the house and starts all over.  The cycle repeats.

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