Title IX

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Why Title IX Matters

So many reasons to complain that Title IX isn't good enough, so many instances in which segregation of sports based upon gender and continued unequal funding have hurt young, female athletes. But today isn't about that. I wanted to list out plainly why Title IX is awesome.

Because women and girls deserve equal access to sports and sports education.

Because women are physically , mentally and emotionally capable to compete in athletics, just like men.

Because girls deserve to learn they truly can do anything a man does.

Because athletics promote health and enhance learning.

Because athletics provide confidence- women and girls deserve access to confidence building activities.

Because women and girls can make friendships or connections to lead them to successful career paths.

Because college and high school scholarships should be equally available to girls and boys.

Because taking interest in things other than what society deems "girly" is necessary for gender equity.

Because women and girls deserve money for college.

Because equality in sports , at least the inklings of it, lead to great social gender equity.

Because sports and athletics are fun and exciting.

Because gender norms and stereotypes can be dispelled when more girls and women become involved in traditionally male activities.

Because even those who don't excel physically at athletics (me!) , can learn an appreciation and love for sports.

Because Title IX is a major crack in the glass ceiling.

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Female Athletes: Their Appeal at the Box Office to be Tested

Does America really like the female athlete? Pop culture to the rescue! This weekend, I’m certain we'll find out.

Most sports, for women, are truncated versions of the male sport. I'm sure someone has written why female sports aren't as lucrative; why the allure of a female sup-ah-stah isn't there. For goodness sake, there's a multi-billion dollar business that is conducting it's Finals series right now; profiting big off the notion that this female version of that sport is feminism gold. They pretend this means men and women ballers are the same and equal: "Look a pro league for women! BE HAPPY BITCHES! LOOK WHAT OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS DID FOR YOU!” But we know the true message is: "these chic's can hoop, but just not quite good enough". Most of us know that when a "women's" section of a male activity is created, separately, from the male version, this isn't equality, its sexism. So what happens when, using the stereotypical male sports-movie script, women are the athletes?

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