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European institutions make commitments to fight discrimination against trans people

This conference was intended to bring together European and national stake holders in a direct dialogue with trans and LGBT activists from across Europe.  This was the first conference to exclusively driven towards good practices in policy and legal developments.


Strong commitments were made by Belinda Pyke from the European Commission, Israel Butler from the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency, Mandana Zarrehparvar from EQUINET and Dennis van der Veur from the Council of Europe to advance the rights of trans people through their work.


The European Commission will be looking at the way EU member state implemented the 2004 gender equality directive vis-à-vis trans people in its 2010 report. It will also be publishing its first trans specific legal and policy mapping study.

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Buck Angel: Bucking the System (Episode 3)

Buck Angel's new series sharing his perspective on gender and sexuality, with the accompaniment of a sign language interpreter.

Show #3 Buck talks about disclosure and coming out. 

Buck is will answer questions every week on this show.  We will be posting the show here on  So, if you have questions for Buck about his career or life story, please send them to

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Crossdresser Body Issues

As a MTF crossdresser with no plans of transition, one could think that I am completely happy with my body and for the most part this is true.

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National Transgender Discrimination Survey (Preliminary Findings)

Preliminary Findings • September 2009

National Transgender Discrimination Survey

by The National Center for Transgender Equality and The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force


Transgender people are targets of discrimination in many areas of their lives; this marginalization exposes them to tremendous social and economic insecurity.  Until now, data on the prevalence and character of this discrimination has been limited to small studies and anecdotal reports. 

In the first comprehensive national effort to document this problem, the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force launched a six-month data collection process, interviewing 6,450 transgender people via an extensive questionnaire that covered critical topics such as employment, education, health care, housing, public accommodation, criminal justice, family life and access to government documents.  Our final sample included residents of all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Data gathered from respondents was compared to US Census Bureau and Department of Labor data.

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A transsexual man reveals his inner self.

My journey

By James [The Star]

I REALISED I was “different” when I was six. I hated wearing dresses, I didn’t play with dolls, except to perform surgery on them. Nope, I’m not a psychopath. I have a normal day job, I send money to my mum, and I have a loving partner and a dog named Boo.

My sister, my partner in crime, got married and had a lovely pair of twin girls who call me uncle on occasions, and auntie when their father insists. I let them. But I’ll have to explain myself once I transition completely from female to male.

I was born a female. I had my period when I was 13 plus, and wore my first bra the same year. Puberty was a total nightmare. My body was growing in ways it was not supposed to be.

I had my first crush on a girl when I was 11, and people say it’s normal in girls’ schools. But I never outgrew my attraction to girls. Freak, sick, sinful – these words crossed my mind. I was a lonely teenager and an over-achiever. I hid my feelings from my family. I felt like I was living a lie.

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Trans/Giving's 6 Year Birthday Bash

Trans/Giving's Sixth Year Birthday Bash- Trans & Gender Queer Bands & Musicians


Saturday, November 21, 2009 6:00 PM


Join our beautiful and talented Trans/Giving community to celebrate six years of bringing you the best of transgender, gender queer and intersex artists in Los Angeles and the country!

Let us come together for one giant fabulous party!

Live musicicians, bands and DJ Nova Jade spinning an awesome set!

Alex Davis

Jara Matthews


DJ Nova Jade

Shitting Glitter

* Hooping Performances by Movers and Shakers
* Chair massage and healing by Pati Garcia (aka the Chula Doula)
* Zines/Chapbooks for sale
* Original Artwork For Sale
* CD's and Band Merchandise For Sale
* Screen Printed Apparel by Chinchilla
* Sex Toys by Cucci
* A raffle with prizes from Chinchilla, Cucci, Pati Garcia and other amazing prizes!

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IFGE Announces Call For 2010 Trinity Award Nominations

Oct 11, 2009 – Washington, D.C., - The International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE) is pleased to announce that nominations are now being sought for the Trinity Awards – to be presented at the 2010 IFGE Annual Conference – The Capital Conference, to be held at the Hilton Mark Plaza Hotel in Alexandria, Virginia April 22-25, 2010.

“The Trinity Awards honor our heroes: living transgender persons who have performed extraordinary acts of courage and love in service to the transgender community,” noted Yvonne Cook-Riley, Awards Committee Chair. 

“Participation across the entire transgender community, its allies and friends, is essential to the awards-nominating process, and we hope to see everyone at the awards ceremony at the Capital Conference next April, “ Cook-Riley continued.

 Video from IFGE 2008...

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(Re)Figuring Sex: Somatechnical (Re)Visions

(Re)Figuring Sex: Somatechnical (Re)Visions

A conference organised by the Somatechnics Research Centre, Macquarie

20-21st November 2009
Sydney Australia

Recent theory has thoroughly critiqued traditional ways of imag(in)ing sex/gender and sexuality, challenging its tendency to render invisible those ways of being in the world which undermine such normative structures.  Such critiques have developed sophisticated ways of understanding embodiment and its representation, investigating perception/s, issues of visibility and visuality, and the effects on the lived experiences of those both within and without the norm: the effects of sexed imaginaries shape the experiences of the unusual and anomalous, and the everyday and conventional.

This conference, the 5th international Somatechnics Conference, takes as its central concern, then, the interplay between visuality and embodiment, and seeks papers engaged across a variety of areas extending from critical engagements with representations of sex and/or bodies, through to analyses of the shaping of perception/s as one facet of bodily being-in-the-world.

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Evergreen Documentary Project receives French funding

By Ashok DEB

Sébastien Rist and Aude Leroux-Lévesque are two dedicated individuals  working on an educational documentary project on Bangladeshi Transexuals, namely the Hijra community ,who are worst affected by societal anti-pathy and Transphobia.  Sebastian and Aude have been staying in Dhaka for over an year now and runs three schools for the Hijra Communities.  In fact these two individuals could be perceived as the next generation Hijra experts on Bangladesh,who have gained considerable insight of this impoverished and highly margnalised community.

Recently they have released a demo version of their documentary where few glimpses of societal atrocities and rejection on  Bangladeshi Trans community were framed.  They have received assistance from a French production House for their project which was announced in this email below.

Hey people,

We’ve been waiting for the right moment to tell you, but we just recently signed a contract with a French production company.  This is great news because it means that we will be guided by a team of professionals who will be there to give us support and advice along the way.  We still have total creative control over the project and idea; the only difference is that the budget is slightly higher and the 52 minute Documentary has to be completed by the end of the year.

That said, after a few delays we can officially say that the shoot will begin Sunday.  We’ll try to post some production stills along the way. We’re really excited, Salma and Pinky are too!

Thanks to everyone  (Both in Canada and in Bangladesh) who have helped us get to where we are now,

Stayed tuned, there will be more to come,

Seb and Aude

You can read more about the film, see a preview and find out how to sponsor this film at this link.

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Laila Hijra Passes away

(via the bideshis)

We got the news that on Tuesday september 18th, Guru Laila Hijra passed away. 

Even though certain Hijra groups tend to clash, everybody could agree that they highly respected and admired Laila Hijra. Being one of the first Hijras in Bangladesh to speak out publicly  about their community’s  issues, Laila gained notoriety both on a nation and international level. She was one of the founding members and president until her death of ‘Shustha Jibon’; the first (and officially recognized by international ngos) Hijra community center of Bangladesh. 

Shustha Jibon is one of the places where we teach our English classes to Hijras. We met Laila Hijra when we tried to convince her and her team to let us come and help out. Quiet and reserved, Laila was very kind and open to our idea, giving us advice but also being very efficient and organized with her decision making.We thank her for accepting us into her community, and we thank her for  giving us the opportunity to meet such wonderful people. Without her, our project wouldn’t be where it’s at right now. 

I can’t imagine how the members of Shustha Jibon are feeling right now.

Are thoughts are with her friends and her family.

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