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Why do crossdreamers dream of shemales?

Are men that feel attraction to transwomen and crossdressers really crossdreamers (autogynephiliacs)? If so: Can this fascination give us insight into their transgender nature?

"Autogynephilia" is for a good reason one of the most controversial diagnoses in the transgender area. Ray Blanchard argues that gynephilic M2F crossdressers and transwomen are basically heterosexual men who are turned on by the idea of having a woman's body.

I have argued that it is possible to recognize the fact that some men get aroused by feminization fantasies without labeling them as narcissistic perverts or paraphiliacs, i.e. without accepting Blanchard's explanation for why these male bodied persons feel the way they do. I call them M2F crossdreamers.

I also believe we have to look into controversial phenomena like this one if we are to get to the bottom of what the various transgender conditions really are.

Another equally controversial topic is the "transfan" or "transsensual", i.e. men who are attracted to M2F transsexuals, crossdressers or "shemales". In this article I am going to see if that phenomenon can help us get a better understanding of crossdreamers in general.

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