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You are not one of us!

The separatists  transwomen intensify their attacks on crossdressers and "transgender", immensely fearful of contamination by association.

White Pride

Separatist ideologue and HBS International general, Rose White, has now declared war on the presence of drag queens in Pride Parades in Calder-dale, Britain. The argument:

“Drag queens – homosexuals dressed as women – and drag kings, women dressed as men, performing as stereotypical crossdressers promote, foster and reinforce the belief among the audience that any bloke in a frock must be a homosexual.” she says. “If these people are allowed to perform in the town in the Pride, they must have a prominent sign stating ‘We are homosexual men – not transexuals’."

In other words: "You are not one of us!"

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Here There Be Dragons

There was a big kerfuffle last week - perhaps you heard - where a prominent online feminist, perturbed over a call out about what her blog does and doesn’t cover, suggested it was responsibility of

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Founder's Day

On Friday I attended a Founder's Day ceremony at my old high school. It was quite something to be there again. The school was celebrating its 85th year in existence, and I will be attending my 20 years reunion in May.

I'm a bit of a sentimental fool sometimes, and even though I was not very happy during high school, I still have fond memories of my time there. Many of my old friends of those days vowed never to return, and as far as I know, have kept to it. I was so looking forward to my 10 year reunion back in 2001, but it never happened. This year it will be different.

I didn't struggle to find parking, and walked up to the same entrance, through the same gardens that were there so long ago, and even though it felt like just the other day, the same shrubs and trees were there - only so much bigger than before. The old mesh fence had been replaced by a tall green steel security fence. There were two new side entrances I hadn't seen before.

Everywhere there were young students wearing the same uniforms I remember, and flashing bright shiny smiles at the returnees filtering in at the front door. I arrived at the reception table beneath a bronze plaque that read "A child's mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled". It made me smile. I wrote my name on the tag handed to me, and the year I finished - 1991.

"Oh are you Christina?" the lady at the table asked, and called a graying gentleman in a suit over. The current principal greeted me warmly, having heard about me via the secretary of the old scholars association, and warmly shook my hand.

Feeling very welcome, I went on to the old school hall, passing old folks examining pictures and plaques on display along the way. Everywhere there were new features, and still everywhere there were things I remembered from the old days.

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The Joys Of Being Trans In SA

I went to renew my driver's license today. Oh, you have no idea. It was an adventure. Funny, you would think that once you were found competent enough to drive a car or own a gun, and not having any serious misdemeanors logged against your name - that you wouldn't need to keep reapplying for various permits? It is an interesting innovation in South Africa, figuring a way to make people pay for the same damn thing over and over again - and paying more each time. What fun.



So off to the merry traffic department I went.



First, there were no pens on the counters - that's right, none. I asked the lady at inquiries for a pen, and she acted as if I were crazy for not somehow psychically knowing I should have brought my own! Wow. So what now? I was told to ask one of the "car guards" outside for a pen. I did - it cost me three times the price at CNA for an ordinary cheap yellow Bic pen - and the f****r had the cheek to still ask me for "loose change" on top of that.

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Transgender variety illustrated

I have previously compared the birth of a personality, gender orientation included, as a remix of humanity.
There are literally millions of variables that make up a human being: natural, psychological and cultural. Each and one of us is the end result of a particular mix of such traits.
Most of these traits are not gender orientated. And if you really look at the men and women you know, you will soon see that they do not adhere to the stereotypes of the movies and the adverts.
There are strong, aggressive, and power hungry women who run for public office. There was a time when they would be called "mannish", but not anymore.
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by Peter Berton YNOT

Sultry t-girl porn star Aly Sinclair has been described as “punk,” “alt porn,” “busty,” and having “legs that won’t quit.” But one last word needs to be added to Aly’s description: Busy!

YNOT: First, tell us a bit about yourself.

Aly: I’ve been a performer for 5 years in the adult industry, and I couldn’t have found a better job to suit my tastes. I consider myself a very lucky girl to have transitioned and found tremendous acceptance. Along with that came a mess of fun too. I’ll tell you more about it.

YNOT: When did you discover you were a t-girl, and how did you come out?

Aly: I have memories from as old as 6 where I would search out ways to find out more about femininity. I never questioned why I liked it so much. I just did and that was all that mattered. I first had some fun with a guy when I was 18. By some chance circumstances, I met the right persons at the right time and was able to learn that transition was really an option. I had just graduated college and finally felt free enough to do it. I started hormones 6 months after graduation and I came out to the folks and friends about that time too. It was surreal at the time to discuss transgender subjects with family and folks that you had masked your behavior from for so long. Most said they knew for a while. And most said they didn’t care. They were happy for me. It was great, truly. I am very thankful. I am sure you can understand what a relief it is to remove the proverbial guise. I love being a girl. And I love it more to be open about it with other hot guys and girls.

YNOT: What were your biggest motivations for coming out?

Aly: If I didn’t transition at 23, I think I would have lived in fear forever. That was unacceptable. That was my biggest motivation. I didn’t like who I was. I had to remedy that. Hormones and a nice doctor who gave me wonderful boobs helped me do that! I love my doctors!

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Crossdressing and Leaving the House

 My wife, mother, brother, best friend, cousins, sister-in-law and a ton of buddies and people on the internet know that I crossdress occasionally.

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The Harry Benjamin Syndrome 2: The Scientific Basis

In this post I continue to the discussion of Rose White's book The Harry Benjamin Syndrome Comes of Age.

Continues from part 1.
She blinded me with science
Rose White argues that crossdressers and real transwomen (who she calls HBS) have nothing in common. The origins of the two conditions are completely different. While HBS transwomen have a natural brain based femininity, the crossdressers have not, she argues.
So what about the science White is pointing to? Does science really prove that HBS transwomen belong to a different race than crossdreamers who choose to transition?
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