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Story of the Eye & Thinking About Pee

Ok, so I’ve never peed on anyone nor has anyone ever peed on me. I have however peed on myself, but I was young so it might not count. I do however remember what it felt like. Wetting the bed was always a strange experience, I thought anyways. First there’s the urgent need to pee that somehow weaves itself into your dream. You’re frantically looking for a bathroom and when you finally find one you release only to wake up to the odd sensation of warmth and wetness spreading across your legs.

The thing is, and this is the odd part (at least to write about openly), that it wasn’t exactly unpleasant. You’re a kid, you’re half asleep and you suddenly feel warm. Sure, you’re lying in a puddle of your own piss, but it never bothered me until the wet spot became cold. Meaning, that I would go back to sleep until I had laid there long enough for my own piss to turn cold. At which point I would drag myself out of bed change my pyjamas and take the sheets of my bed so I could go back to sleep.

Now, I’m not sure if that says more about my love of sleep or my acceptance of my own bodily fluids. I think the scale is leaning towards love of sleep, but when thinking of people using pee in their sex play I invariably think about what it was like to piss the bed when I was a kid. Not only that, but back when I was a budding alcoholic there were a few times where I was so drunk I considered just taking a piss right where I was instead of dragging my poor soul to the bathroom. Thankfully, I never succumbed to my own persuasive arguments and social etiquette always won.

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