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LA Laker Arrested for Domestic Violence, Pleads Innocence on Twitter

Ugh. I feel like all I  blog about  are athletes that have been arrested for, or are involved in,  some form of domestic violence. I'm getting tired of reading these disturbing accounts, really I am.

Sacramento Bee reports:

Los Angeles Lakers player Matt Barnes was arrested and booked into Sacramento County Main Jail on Wednesday night on a felony domestic violence charge.

Sacramento County Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Tim Curran said deputies responded to an incomplete 911 call from the 8100 block of Sunset Avenue at about 4:15 p.m., where they encountered Barnes and a woman "who lived with him and with whom he had a dating relationship."

After speaking to Barnes and the woman, deputies determined that the two had been in a physical confrontation and Barnes had prevented the woman from talking to 911 operators. Curran said dispatchers heard the sound of a struggle in the background on the brief open line until it was disconnected.

Barnes' response via Twitter:

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As School Starts, A Reminder About Violence Against Women and Girls

9/7/2010 9:04 Update: Rape on Campus Vastly Underreported - HuffingtonPost

From HuffingtonPost: Back to School, Back to Rape.

An informative read about the prevalence of violence against women and young girls.

Quick hits from the article:

1 in 4 college women are a victim of rape.

One in three teens report dating violence.

Women aged 16-24 are more susceptible to violence than at any other age.

Over half of those polled blamed Rihanna for being attacked by Chris Brown.

Author's Suggestions on what parents can do:

1. Have a conversation with your sons and daughters.

2. Get teen dating violence in your school's curriculum.

3. Write a letter to the administration at your child's college.

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Carmelo's Alleged Twitter Violence and One Worthless Ho

How Twitter Reveals the way Victims of Violence  Are Stratified Based on Class, Race and Profession


People love Twitter because it is easy, fast, and great for networking. When things on twitter go good, things are really good. Conversely, when things go bad on Twitter, they go really bad. For all the reasons the mini-blogging , super popular, social networking sight attracts thousands of new users every month and remains one of the most popular sites on the world wide web, the same can cause tempers to flare and conflicts to come to pass in front of millions of users. Often, conflicts are overblown by an instant online mass of supporters (or dissenters) of whatever the cause of the day happens to be.

Yesterday, the outrage came after an NBA player took to twitter to combat a super-groupie wanna be. The results were not pretty after said NBA player's twitter account began posting messages broadcasting to his twitter followers (he has thousands) that he would pay anyone $5000 (some reports say he offered $20,000) to physically assault (slap) the super-groupie wanna be.

The posts were deleted but not before several media outlets screen-captured the messages. Several hours later, said NBA player's account posted a message contending his account had been hacked and thanking twitter for helping him straighten that out.

Whether his account was hacked is irrelevant- at least according to super-groupie wanna be. Today, super-groupie wanna be purportedly filed a police report against the NBA player. It is unknown whether or not she actually did or did not file a police report.

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