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Menstruation Machine

スプツニ子!/Sputniko! - Menstruation Machine, Takashi's Take

A new video by Sputniko! ( I'm a female artist and the machine is not only for men, it can also be worn by women in future when menstruation might become something obsolete - I'm not suggesting when or by whom this machine would be used - after much research with reproductive scientists (which I write in my website) I know that the psychologies which people associate with menstruation is too complex to make the reason for using such a device so simple - this music video is just one example of many possibilities.

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To All The Homophobes - by comedian Lee Camp

Here's a modest proposal to all the homophobes out there.

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Buck Angel's Women's HIV/AIDS Prevention PSA

Hi.  This is my Public Service Announcement on the importance of safe sex and the prevention of HIV/AIDS.  Playboy playmate,fitness expert and HIV/AIDS educator Rebekka Armstrong speaks about how she got infected with AIDS and how you can prevent this from happening to you! 

See more about Rebekka Armstrong at

Here is a list of great HIV/AIDS resources:

- Buck

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Jay Smooth: Why I'm Scared of Christine O'Donnell

Why you should never trust a politician who says they're "just like you." To see more episodes, visit The GIANT Word on

Jay Smooth is a contributing blogger for


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New video from ladyVixion: DiRTY CROSS-DRESsER

(h/t helenboyd)

Goddammit, this girl is funny!


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