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Dear PlayStation--women gamers exist!! kthnx


I'm sure some of you are wondering what I've been occupying my time with since my last serious post (especially  given my seemingly sudden absence).  Well, a lot of that time I have spent playing video games.  One of those happens to be God of War III (I've already beaten it, by the way, and am playing through it again).  With that in mind, I wonder if any of you can tell me what I might find offensive about the latest douchebag PS3 commercial: 



Woman: Dear PlayStation--I know in God of War III, you're this Kratos-guy seeking vengence against the gods.  But since my boyfriend got it, he's been totally ignoring me (whimpers).  

Dude: (fighting Leviathan boss in God of War III): Okay, aw!  Okay, hold on.  

Cut to Kratos ripping jaw off leviathan.  

Woman: Um...hello?

Dude: Thanks for coming.

Woman: (in disbelief)  Ugh!

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Dragon Age features "controversial" gay sex

Some of you may have already heard about the "controversy" (this term being used loosely, since I fail to see how the depiction of an actual sexuality can be controversial on the mere fact that it exists) of the new game Dragon Age: Origins, which features a human and an elf getting it on in a totally optional scene depicting homosexual sex

The potential gay relationship happens with Zevran, an elf who was born in a brothel and rose to prominence as a thief/assassin. While the love scene sounds like something that could air on broadcast TV, I can't think of a role-playing game that has depicted gay male sexuality to this degree — Jade Empire panned away from its gay kiss, Bully's Jimmy Hopkins wasn't interested in much more than kissing and while Fable let gay couples marry, any sex to happen in that marriage was blacked out.

Unfortunately, Zevran hits a number of stereotypes as well. For one thing, Zevran isn't interested in anything more than casual sex while heterosexual romantic interests are direct about wanting a monogamous, long-term relationship. Meanwhile, isn't a gay elf the fantasy equivalent of a gay hairdresser?

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Japanese Rape Video Game: Rapelay

My friend Kelly sent me an email today asking me if I'd heard of the Japanese Rape game in which you get to choose your victim.

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