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Why I Love The Word Cunt

Someone recently told me that they love the word “cunt” above all other words referring to the same beautiful thing. He wasn’t quite sure why, perhaps he said “it’s because it’s a one syllable word”, in any case “it’s an instant turn on”. I agree, it’s a damn wonderful word. I prefer “cunt” over “pussy”. “Pussy” doesn’t feel like it belongs to me, it belongs to someone else who wants to use it for its warmth and wetness, but never its strength. A “cunt” on the other hand has muscle, it pulls you by the gut and holds on.

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A Sexy Education

I taught myself English by reading the Penthouse forum letters in my brother’s porn magazine collection. As soon as I had the chance, and the rudimentary reading skills, I would hunker down in his twin-sized waterbed, slip my hand between the frame and the wall, and pull out the latest issue of Penthouse.

I never read the articles, but boy did I ever love those steamy letters. Nothing and I mean nothing got my pussy throbbing as fast as reading all those lovely sexy words. Throbbing, a word, the meaning of which, I learned on those ultra-secret masturbatory missions.

Thank you, Penthouse, for the education! When it came to descriptions of sex, I really had to put my mind to the test when it came to differentiating words like thigh, tight, and tights. Thigh was the worst and the best of the lot. Once I figured out what it meant, I couldn’t get enough of it. It is a word devised with the sole purpose of whispering it into someone’s ear with the quick flutter of the tip of a tongue.

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