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A Lesbian Infatuation… or is it Love?

Therapist: “What brings you in today?”

Love Sick Lesbian (LSL): “I can’t take it anymore…I love her so much but she plays with my heart…”

Therapist: “Tell me more about this Love.”

LSL: “It has been going on for years and I don’t know how to get over it… I don’t know if this is love or an obsession… or am I just crazy?”

Therapist : “Maybe it’s all of the above… mixed in with a little Infatuation.”

LSL: “Help me. Can you please help me get over her?”


Funny? It is not meant to be. Everyday I get at least one email from a woman sharing this exact thought process. She is telling me in great detail about a woman sometimes even more than one she cannot let go of and has been holding on for months if not years. It’s unimaginable the time and energy we put into our “unforgettable” loves. UNIMAGINABLE, not only in feelings and emotions but sometimes sacrificing other relationships with others and financial goals.

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I am Woman

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Girls are allowed to remove their veils in private at this Saudi single-sex school.

The Arab and mostly uninhabited country of Saudi Arabia may be rich with oil, but it is one of the most oppressive countries imaginable.  You practice one religion.  You dress one way.  You act one way.  Saudi Arabia's legal system includes amputations and floggings.  We know that women's rights are severely limited in the country. 

As reported in VOANews.com, one Saudi man got five years in prison and 1,000 lashes for talking about sex on a television show.  That's a no no in a severely conservative Muslim country like Saudi Arabia.  Apparently, on the talk show "Bold Red Line," the man "described his first sexual experience at age 14 and the ways he approaches women on the street."  Well, men are not supposed to interact with women they don't know on the streets of Saudi Arabia.

Oh, the things we Americans take for granted.

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I'm sure the title of this article has some of you scratching your heads.  It's a newer term and one that I feel fits me best.  The first time I heard the term I felt like doing cartwheels, I'd finally found MY term.  Before finding the term heteroflexible I would say I'm selectively bisexual and then would have to launch into a huge explanation about my "type" of woman and why that specific type turned me on.  My type of woman is butch, dominant, and scrappy.


I suppose it all stems from my first girlfriend "T".  She was butch, thin, and muscular.  She had an intensity about her that just took my breath away every time I was near her.  I met "T" in high school and fell instantly in lust.  Her personality and charm just swept me off my feet and I let myself get carried away.  Sex with her was amazing and we had an on and off association through our teenaged years until we finally just lost touch and I focused on my relationship with Alan.

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