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Amina Wadud :Meeting a Mentor

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Viva Humans

I am attending a confernce on Women and Work from 7 to 8 March 2010 in Turi

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Women in Egypt : views and ideas

On Wednesday 17 of February 2010, I attended a talk of my best friend

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Politics of Veiling and Revealing

Women’s body is obsession and battle field of any patriarchal society.  Women either forced to be veiled and be covered, in this case they are portrayed as source of temptation, or they will be manipulated to reveal their beauty to be deemed desired and emancipated.

Enforcing obligatory veil or banning veil or Hijab is a policy applied by the state to penetrate the private sphere of its citizens. Iran, Saudi Arabia and Sudan are forcing women to abide by certain dress code, these states consider Hijab part of the Islamic teachings and women must follow it. These states consider itself the enforcer of Allah laws and the individual can not oppose its regulations.

Other states like Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, UK and France ban certain so called religious dress codes, like Niqab or Burqa.

What women want??!!  This is the question that invaded my mind, there is no single rights answer, women in the North are not like women in the South and there are many variations of women needs and choices.  Another question is why the morality and beauty of women is related to its dress and how much they are covering or revealing.

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