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WIDE Annual Conference 2010

WIDE Annual Conference 2010 "Migration in the context of globalisation", will take place on June 4-5, 2010, in Bucharest, Romania.

WIDE AC 2010 is organized by our Romanian partner "AUR" ­ The National Association of Human Resources Specialists.

This year´s Conference marks also the 25th anniversary of WIDE. The UN Women´s world conference in Kenya 1985 marked the start for WIDE when feminists in Europe decided it was time to join hands and work together. In the past 25 years WIDE has become a strong network with 12 national and regional platforms in Europe, bringing together over 400 organisations and working with women from the South, form all continents. WIDE is the only European network focusing on trade, development and women´s rights, employing three kind of strategies to bring about change: through networking, capacity building and advocacy. This conference will build on WIDE´s long experience, activism and expertise.This Conference "Migration in the context of globalisation" will bring together and voice the experiences of migrant women from Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. And most importantly it will facilitate dialogue to come to common positions and actions for the coming years to take. Migration is an important process that is impacting people in Europe and worldwide.

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Bussy Project: Women's private space in public

By Lina Attalah

Each summer, the women of the Bussy Project convene on stage to put on a performance about women's issues built around a series of personal stories from everyday life.

This week, Bussy--the feminine form of the Arabic vernacular command to "Look!"--put on a mini-performance for a Women's Day celebration on 8 March at the Mubarak Public Library in Giza. The performance dealt with the veil, codes of public behavior and other questions affecting women.

Bussy capitalizes on the private space of female sentiments, where self expression and articulation become liberating acts of the self. Those acts use artistic and literary tools to communicate the opaque sides of oneself to the outside world.

This communication process is both informative and engaging. “We started out at the American University in Cairo (AUC) five years ago with a set of other activities,” says Sondos Shabayek, one of the directors of Bussy’s annual performance. "But the performance was the most popular. We realized that people want something truthful."

Samia Mehrez, professor of Arabic literature at AUC, calls the project “a brilliant formula for dissemination.”

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Iran: Shadi Sadr's Speech for the International Women of Courage Award Ceremony

Sadr dedicates her Award to imprisoned women’s rights activist Shiva Nazar Ahari

Your Excellency Mrs. Clinton, Respected Members of the Jury, Ladies and Gentlemen, (cont...)

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Is Ogling a Crime?

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    A Call for International Photography: "Picturing Power & Potential"

    Picturing Power & Potential: A Call for International Photography

    Submissions Guidelines


    The San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery's Art at City Hall (SFAC Gallery) program has teamed up with the International Museum of Women to coordinate and present a large-scale photography exhibition at San Francisco City Hall that will include works by artists across the globe centered on the theme of women and the global economy.  As a project of Economica, the Picturing Power & Potential photography exhibition will include a global celebration of women as economic change-agents in as many as fifty photographs selected from this call for submissions. The chosen submissions will be presented in the physical exhibition in San Francisco City Hall and to global audiences on the IMOW Web site.


    • ELIGIBILITY: All living artists worldwide working in a digital photography format. Because the exhibition is sited at San Francisco City Hall, we are especially interested in including works by artists from the Bay Area of California alongside artists from across the globe. All work should have been completed post 2000, and special attention will be paid to those who submit work created in the past five years. No entry fee required.
    • SUBJECT MATTER: We are looking for works that demonstrate how women are participating in the current global economy as leaders and agents of positive change.
    • MEDIUM: Photographic works that can be printed via a digital file are eligible. There is no set stylistic requirement; meaning that we will accept all two-dimensional works using any photographic process including photo-essays, portraits, candids and digitally derived or manipulated photos.
    • PRINTING AND FRAMING: All works will be printed in either a vertical or horizontal 16" x 20" format. The prints will be produced in San Francisco by RayKo Photo Center and framed in simple black metal frames with white mats.
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    Coming Soon: "Finding Bibi" - a film about being a woman, between cultures

    Bita Haidarian, an Iranian American filmmakersets off on a journey around the world to find out where she is from and who she is.

    Born in America to Baha’i refugee parents from Iran, Bita tells the tragic-comic story of her family coming to America, her childhood in Texas, trying to fit in, and competitive cheerleading – all part of the quest of a girl who knows more about MTV than Al Jazeera.

    Bita wanders through the US, Europe, the Middle East and Pakistan examining the cultures at play on her life and the lives of women in these places.  It looks thoroughly engaging and we're lucky, I'll have an interview with Bita here in the near future for you all to read.

    The overwhelming trailer response has inspired us to build an organization around the movie.  Our goal: to bridge the gap between east and west by sharing the compelling stories of women - some empowered, others seeking empowerment - from both hemispheres. (website)

    And Bita’s plea to public – please watch my film!  If it doesn’t succeed, I’m going to have to get married.

    They have a website, a facebook page and a twitter account.


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    The Period Fairy has her own blog now

    h/t re:Cycling

    I have to say that I like it when we embrace our bodies with humor and familiarity.  I much prefer that over the shame, vilification and objectification that patriarchal domination models are known for.  That may be my justifying why my daughter and I still laugh at fart jokes. 

    Be that as it may, this video came out a while back and played around with several common experiences. 

    Not content to be a viral video, the creators have taken the idea into the blogosphere.  You can find them at The Period Fairy Blog or here on our blogroll.  I am looking forward to more from them.  What's not to love about a character flitting around with a tub of ice cream and laying into our self estem?

    While you're at it, you should probably check out an older favorite of mine - The Self-Doubt Fairy by Rachel Nabors.


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    An Open Letter to Marie Claire

    Dear Marie Claire Magazine,

    Thank you for publishing Pamela Druckerman's, "How I Planned a Menage à Trois."  For all the shock-value usually attributed to sexual exploration, Druckerman's focus on negotiating with potential partners over coffee is greatly refreshing.  She resists the sensationalist cliché that threesomes are invariably traumatizing and the opposite sensationalist cliché that threesomes are as glamorous as they look in porn, and instead reports her honest experience.  More of this, please.

    However, I'm frustrated how Druckerman glosses over, "In practice, I was shaken up," in the last couple sentences.  Up until that point, planning and having her threesome feels either fun or banal, and then she's "struck by how emphatically [she] want[s] [her] husband."  Why then suddenly shaken up?  Is she feeling jealous?  Or does she feel that N or her husband have violated any of her boundaries?  Or is she shaken up by others' judgments that she's "supposed" to feel shaken up?  Druckerman shows so much introspection up until that point, but as soon as she decides that actually her desires are "conservative" (and therefore "normal"?), she quits analyzing.  That strikes me as lazy journalism.

    And since Druckerman has decided against having any more threesomes in her life, why doesn't Marie Claire feature any of the many women who have more - and more positive - experiences to share about their threesomes?  Or any of the many women who have initiated them, as opposed to acquiescing to a man's fantasy?  I respect Druckerman's choices, but there's also a huge community of polyamorists and swingers who could provide better insight into why some women really, really like group sex.

    Yours sincerely,
    Annabelle River 

    PS If you too would like to write the editor of Marie Claire, the email address on their website is joannacoles at hearst dot com.

    (Posted at Annabelle's Manifesto)

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    "Fake Rape Victim Sends Innocent Man To Prison". Um WHAT?

    Reporting a crime that did not happen is in and of itself a crime in the United States. The basic premise being, don't make shit up. I won't get too deep into the American prison system and all of its injustices, but headlines like this make me want to scream in frustration.

    "Biurny Peguero, Fake Rape Victim, Gets Up To 3 Years For Sending Innocent Man To Prison"

    In how many ways is this headline offensive and damaging? I don't have enough fingers and toes to count them all, no doubt there are hundreds of ways this one sentence causes tremendous trouble.

    First and foremost the content of the article above which the headline is placed is important in order to establish context.

    Biurny Peguero, 27, pleaded guilty in December to perjury, admitting she made up the September 2005 incident that unjustly put construction worker William McCaffrey in jail and prison for nearly four years. A judge overturned his rape conviction in December, with new DNA evidence also playing a role.

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    Call for artists: SHE-STORY

    By pozivi za sudjelovanjem

    Newly established NEW MEDIA GALLERY in Zadar, Croatia is pleased to announce first international call for New media art works on the theme of SHE-STORY

    DEADLINE: 6.3.2010

    What is New Media Art?

    New Media Art is an art genre that encompasses artworks created with new media technologies, including performance art, digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, video art, Internet art, interactive art technologies, computer robotics, ect. The term differentiates itself by its resulting cultural objects and social events, which can be seen in opposition to those deriving from old visual arts (i.e. traditional painting, sculpture, etc.) New Media Art often involves interaction between art work and observer.

    Generally, New Media Art includes art work made with the use of digital video cameras, recorded sound, software for editing, animation, interactive presentations, electronics, and/or installations. New Media Art works that we are looking for can be digital videos, interactive video, audio and/or tactile art works, gallery installations with new media elements, and animations. It also includes audio that can be experienced as a radio broadcast, installed in a specific place, or listened to with headphones.

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