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Shut Up & Love the Rain

I fell asleep last night trying to reconcile the two distinct ideas (or truths) that gender is a social construct and that people are born into the wrong gender. I couldn’t really make sense of it myself, but one thing is for sure, the normative idea of gender needs some amendments (and by some, I mean a hell of a whole lot), because there are a lot of people that do not fit into the male and female binary, which seems that have been invented by 1950′s ad execs.

Do you know what’s good for confusion?

A little education, or as Robnoxious‘ dad, Rachel, in Shut Up & Love The Rain puts it: “…spread the word. That’s what it takes, the more people know, the less hostility you’re gonna have. That’s true of the whole world, and all the anger that’s in the world, cause once you know people (you realize we are all human and there’s nothing to be afraid of).

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