“Femme Means Attack” Call for Submissions

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“Femme Means Attack” call for submissions:

“Femme Means Attack” is a collaborative zine of submissions by people who identify as femme and as radical, anarchist, and/or anti-authoritarian.  Femmes are often seen as non-radical or counterrevolutionary in many radical communities, despite the fact that we can take to the streets just as well as anyone else, in heels or steel-toed boots, and are FIERCE while doing it.  As radical femmes, we often find ourselves alienated from mainstream femme discourse that focuses on standards of femme/femininity which are white, homonormative, aspire to be bourgeoisie, and rely on conspicious consumption.  Thus, we radical femmes often find ourselves alienated from both our radical communities and femme communities.

“Femme Means Attack” aims to change that by giving us, radical femmes, a voice.  We welcome submissions from femmes of all genders, trans and cis, binary gendered and genderqueer, of all races, socioeconomic backgrounds, both urban and rural, of all dis/ability statuses, etc.  While submissions should touch on both femme identity and radical politics/communities, we leave it up to each contributor to determine what that looks like.  We welcome all types of submissions – essays, personal accounts, poetry, artwork, etc.

Along with your submissions, we ask that you submit a one hundred word bio.  This is merely to let us know who you are and where you are coming from on the femme spectrum.  That said, there will be a bio section in the zine, so if you do wish to have your bio included, let us know.

Likewise, if you wish to tell us (the editors) your name, but would not like it published in the finished zine, just let us know.  However, we do request that you use a pen name or nom de queer so that half of the zine is not attributed to “anonymous.”

Criteria for submissions are:

Absolutely nothing oppressive.

You may submit as many pieces as you would like.

Submissions must be in an easily accessable computer format.

Additionally, written works must be submitted in a format that will allow for editing.  That is- editing of format, not content.

PDF files will not be accepted.

Artwork must be submitted in jpeg format.

If any other issues arise with submissions, they will be handled on an individual basis.

You will receive notice as to whether or not your submission has been accepted.  If you wish to challenge our rejection of your submission, we welcome your feedback.  We only ask that you are as respectful to us as we will be to you.  We both identify as anarchists and do not wish to hold any sort of power over anyone else.  Thiszine’s purpose, and our purpose in publishing it, is to bring unity and strength to femmes around the world.

Submissions are due by April 15, 2010

Please send submissions to:


Your co-editors,

naydeehn pearl messier and gayge sparkly purple unicorn freyjasbarn

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