2010 BB! Convergence Call For Workshops!

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bash back denver is pleased to host the twenty-ten bash back! convergence from may twenty-seventh to thirtieth.


We want this year’s convergence to be a smashing success, and to do it we need your help.  Workshops were an integral part of previous convergences and will be this year.

We are seeking workshop proposals for this year’s convergence especially on the following topics:

Anti-Oppression!, Mental Health, Queer Nurturing, Response to Sexual Assault, DIY Sex Toys, DIY Other Sexy Things, Sex Work, Direct Action (including Bloc Tactics, Mobile Disco Sound Systems, Analysis/Theory), Anarchist and Queer Theory/Histories, Prison Abolition, Prisoner Support, Kink, Spirituality, Group Presentations,Queer/Anarchist films and documentaries, and Permaculture/Rural Queer.  

Your workshop idea doesn’t fit into any of those categories?  Awesome, submit it anyway!  And we want to hear what you queermos are doing in your communities,
so send that too!

Last year’s convergence was amahzing!  Thank you Chicago!   We’re hoping to create such a rigorous and frisky convergence as last year, and in addition, the convergence schedulers this year are taking steps this year to ensure that last year’s confusion during workshop sessions doesn’t happen again.  This means we will schedule more time between workshops and have workshops with technical assistance being set up in the workshop slot ahead of time, but it also means if you say you’re doing a workshop, you commit to doing it at the scheduled time and location.

Please include:

workshop title



ideal time length

your material and logistical needs.  Including blackboard needs–this convergence will probably not be at a school!  

The deadline for workshop proposals is May 2nd at 10:32 pm EST, and a materials deadline for accepted workshops is May 9th at 8:59 pm PST.

Workshop proposals should be sent to: bbworkshops@gmail.com.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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