5th Annual International Conference on Sexology

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Hotel Green Park
NSK Salai, Arcot Road (Adjacent to Vijaya Hospital)
Tamil Nadu 600026


Indian Institute of Sexual Medicine Aakash Institute of fertility & Research

No 10, 100 feet Road. Vadapalani.
Chennai - 600 026.
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  • Role of Phytoandrogens in Libido
  • Erection & Orgasm
  • Adolesent and Sexual Medicine
  • HIV and Sexual Medicine
  • Surgery in Sexual Medicine
  • Female Sexuality: Modern Medicine
  • Gynacology aspect of Sexology
  • Sexual Problems in General Medical Practice
  • Sex Education
  • Disabilities and Sexuality
  • Mental Illness and Sexuality
  • Internet and Sexuality
  • Physical Illness and Sexuality
  • Anorgasmia & Sexual Arousal
  • Disorders
  • Sexuality and Well being
  • Sexual Desire
  • Gender Identity
  • Children and Adolesent
  • Body Image
  • Development Perspective
  • NRI Syndrome


DAY - 1  

Dr. Denzil Peacer

Sexual Difference Between Man and Woman and its implications in marital Life
Dr. Anand Jawhar Changes in the Cervix of Woman throught the month
Akanle, Florence Foluso Effect of Sexuality Education on the Improvement of Health Status of Young People
Dr. Raj Mohan Sexual Deviation (Disorders of Sexual Preferences)
Kyung-Hyun-Suh Moderate Effects of Gender on Body Image Esteem and Restrained Eating / Physical Activity
Parameswari. J Internet and Sexuality
Akram Hasanian Study of the psycho-social reasons of the youth's tendency to trans-sexuality in Tehran Province
Hakemi Aghayi Forced Sexual Relations among Married Young Women
Warne. T Putting the Vagina Monologues on the Class Reading List : Learning to Ask about Child Sex Abuse
Jagdish Sadiza Management of Compulsive Sex Behaviour using Group Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Fatemeh.M.Tabrizi What is the Meaning of Sexual Satisfaction in Pregnant Iranian Women
P.Sundarraj Sexual Health Policy Formulation in Work Place
Arsi Prasad Jha Role of Well Being Power (mental health) on Sexual Behaviour Among Adolescents
Prof. Sumathy
Prof. Govindareddy
Prof. Damodaran

The Perception of procreation among the indigenous people
DAY - 2
Dr. Sikmandar Shaikh Penile Doppler or Evaluation of Infertility - Role of Doppler
Safara Maryam Spiritual Psychotherapy as a School of Therapy
Dr. K. R. Muthusamy Premature Ejaculation - Current Concept
Shabnam Omidvar Sexual Dysfunction among Women with Diabetes Mellitus
Dr. K. Jayanthi Rani An Analysis of Human Sexuality Among Life Science Graduates
Dr. Jeong-Yang Park Gender Differences in Music Preferences among College Students
Dr. T.V. Ashokan Media and Sex
Dr. Rajkumar Sedual Dysfunction ED as a Life Style Disorder
Dr. Kumarasamy Anejaculation
Pannel Discussion Unconsummated Marriage and Andrologist approach
Dr. S.S. Vasan, Dr. T.R. Murali, Dr. Anandan
Dr. T. Kamaraj Marital Counseling - a Newer Approach
Dr. Anand Jhawar Male Sexual Response and Female Sexual Response
Dr. Sam. P. Abraham Role of Gonadotropin in Male Infertility
Rabiul Islam Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs & Practices about HIV & AIDS in Guwahati Metropolitan area of Kamrup District, Assam, India
Ms. R. KRISHNAVENI Love and Responsibility


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