Actor Slash Model: Using Music & Film To Share Gender Identity

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Actor Slash Model is the collaborative work of Simon Strikeback, an activist and educator, and Madsen Minax, an artist and filmmaker.

Through both music and film Actor Slash Model addresses issues of gender identity, gender performance and politics, a sex positive ideal, and the art making process. 

Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Music Performance

As a filmmaking duo, Actor Slash Model is currently producing a documentary chronicling gender identity and performance as it surrounds musicianship. 

The research for this project includes conducting in depth interviews, documenting the performances, rehearsals, and everyday interactions of trans and gender variant musicians across the United States and Canada.  Through this project they seek to reveal a particularly active and vibrant realm of community and artistic excellence. 

RIOT ACTS is a transfabulous rockumentary representing the whole lives of transgender and gender variant musicians, through a first-hand perspective of the intersections between gender performance and stage performance.

This feature-length documentary highlights issues crucial to interviewees such as songwriting, voice presentation, presenting a body/bodies on stage, audiences, venues, the idea of the spectacle, media representation, performing gender and notions about “drag,” and the personal as political.

The film culminates with the notions that identities and bodies are undeniably political, and that the trans experience isn’t always one of tragedy, but one of creativity and joy. (

Riot Acts (2009)
Directed by Madsen Minax
Produced by Actor Slash Model
Cinematography by Malic Amalya
Running Time: 1 hour 12 minutes


The Cliks
Coyote Grace
Jessica Xavier
The Shondes
Novice Theory
Systyr Act
The Degenerettes
Adhamh Roland
Ryka Aoki De La Cruz
Lipstick Conspiracy
Trannysaurus Sex
Basic Fix
Piper McKenzie
Venus Demars
Tough Tough Skin

As a duet music project, Actor Slash Model creates fun, quirky, entertaining music exploring gender and sex positivity as well as the most basic inspirations to all people: love, heartbreak, joy, pain, etc., set up in what they like to call an “Indie-Grass” musical style, often incorporating costumes and vaudvillian performative styles.

The duet has toured the United States including performing in New York, Boston, Philadephia, Washington DC, Baltimore, Pittsburg, Clevland, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Santa Fe, Los Angelels, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and of course, their hometown, Chicago, amongst other places.

Actor Slash Model also currently co-organizes a bi-monthly queer film and video series in Chicago called Threat Level Queer Shorts.  TBD November 20th, 2009 ~ in Chicago and NEW YORK!

Threat Level Queer Shorts is a bi-monthly film and video screening series organized and curated by Sam Feder, Madsen Minax, Jules Rosskam and Simon Strikeback to screen works made by or featuring queer-faggot-dyke-homo-tranny-inbetween-the- liners-freaks!  This event is put on to support the filmmaking duos of Feder/Rosskam and Minax/Strikeback as they raise funds and awareness for their current documentary film projects, respectively exploring trans feminism and gender identity in music performance.

The Actor Slash Model film project is made possible by generous supporters such as yourself.  Please continue to help bring images and sounds of positive, talented, sexy, articulate trans and genderqueer people to the big screen by donating some cash and get a movie credit!

To learn more about Actor Slash Model’s documentary film Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Music Performance, please visit the film section of their website.

To learn more about Actor Slash Model’s music please visit the music pages of their website.


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