Age 8 and Wanting a Sex Change - 19-October / Channel 4

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Bodyshock: Age 8 and Wanting a Sex Change

19 October 2009, 9pm (Belfast)

[Broadcasting in Ireland and then viewable online]

As experts consider a review of UK guidelines for treating transgender children, this film follows a number of children in the US who told their parents they were born in the wrong body.

In America, children under 16 can be prescribed hormone 'blockers' to prevent the onset of puberty, with a view to then follow with hormone treatment to become their new gender. This film follows the American experience.

Eight-year-old Josie was born a boy but has been living as a girl for two years since revealing the full extent of his feelings about his identity to his mother.

Kyla is also eight. He was born a boy but loves anything pink and sparkly, has grown his hair, and is preparing to return for school after summer dressed as a girl for the first time. He says: 'If I had to wear boys' clothes and be a boy for the rest of my life, I'd probably die.'

They have both been diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

Sixteen-year-old Chris, who was born a girl, started testosterone treatment at 14. She now has a deep voice and plentiful body hair, and shaves regularly.

These children and their parents reveal what it is like to face life-changing questions, giving a frank insight into a subject most people never have to consider.



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