Aimee Mullins on humanity and beauty

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Aimee Mullins gave a truly delightful talk on being human.


I have watched this piece several times, each time coming away with something precious, that reaffirms the beliefs at the core of this site:

I define my sex, gender, body. You define yours.

Aimee points to her own life and experience as the laboratory for this acceptance of our shared humanity, this celebration of the uniqueness of us all. It is the embrace of the unknown we encounter within ourselves and each other.

Our ancestors huddled in caves and built civilisation on the fears of the unknown.  So many of our societal directions, values and assumptions are projections of fear.  Fear, held up as a shrine for us to worship, a whip for us to fear, one single dull shade of black to paint across the canvas of our lives.

We have a choice now.  We have always had a choice.  Across the planet, in societies great and small, in public squares, boardrooms, bedrooms and chat rooms - we are looking into the unknown of our own identities and the identities of one another.  We can see now, that not everything out there is fear.  We are beginning to understand that much of what we see out there, is what we project onto it.  Onto the world, onto our neighbors, onto people we love and people we have never met.

There is room for everyone at the table of humanity.  We are all of us, seated here already. 

Thank you, Aimee.  Beautifully stated and honestly given.


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