"And Now I Will Kill You"- Western Culture

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An Arizona website paints a sordid picture: a mysterious nation, exotic young woman clinging to life in a hospital, and the vengeful attempted murder by the father who felt she had wronged him.  Her lifestyle, the website says, is the cause of her current almost-dead state, not the jeep or the driver (her father) who drove over her 5 foot 3 inch frame. 

You see, according to this website, in Iraq, families whose daughters don't fall in line with the culture or the conservative traditions of that family, dishonor the whole family and must be killed in the name of honor and respect.  What is more, the newspaper suggests, this attempted murder, isn't really a murder at all, you see, because the father was enacting his right to honor-kill his.own.daughter.  The cause?  She had become too Westernized.

In a twist of sadistic irony, this Western Culture, which caused this tragic occurrence, is supporting the honor [attempted] killing.  The paper (the bastion of Western Civilization, I’m sure) explains away the attempted murder as a culture split between Western and Muslim worlds, and in the process legitimizing the crime-even supporting it.

Violence against women should not be explained away as just "part of another culture".  Female genital mutilation, rape during war time, child slavery, and now honor killings; all are explained away as cultural norms and the suggestion is made that Americans shouldn't try to impose our Westernized culture upon them.  This is not new and indeed it is becoming more prevalent.  Crimes against women are crimes against humanity and shouldn't be portrayed as simple cultural differences.


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