Anti-Rape Condom with "Teeth"- Why are Women Responsible for Stopping Rape?

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Look,  this is great. It will probably save someone from getting raped. Or, maybe it will just throw her/his attacker into an even more intense rage, and he'll just find another way to exert power and control.

Because rape isn't about sex; it's power and control; punishment and terrorism; to conquer and humiliate.

And this is where the whole "let's make it painful to insert a human penis into  [presumably] her vagina" idea isn't really that great. Becuase  this isn't about sex.

In some countries, the condom will prevent some attacks and no doubt help some women, but forgive me for hating these ideas that reinforce the idea that stopping rape is the responsibility of the victims. To me, this is just another example of victim blaming, albeit not in the classic sense. It is akin to people suggesting that women shouldn't wear short skirts and revealing shirts, in order to detract attention from men. As if dressing as frumpy as possible, thereby making oneself look less "sexy", will stop them from being raped.

People that think condoms with teeth are going to help the rape endemic across the globe are missing the broader question: what is it about society that creates so many men that rape?

Before we start mass distributing condoms with spikes, we should perhaps address that question first.

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Source: World AOL News : South Africa Debuts Anti-Rape Female Condom 

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