Asexuality: If I liked you, what would I do?

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My discovery of asexuality begins with irony. I had a really huge crush on a friend of mine- all of my friends knew I liked him, and were totally perplexed when I spent an entire year not doing anything about it. Finally, just before he moved away, I got the courage to tell him- but then he asked a question I’ll never forget: “If I liked you, what would you do?” (theimpossiblek) AVEN

Life sure is interesting.  It turns out that people with no sexual desire at all are fighting many of the same battles as people who wish to be respected for participating in BDSM, or Fur fandom: they want to be respected for whom they define themselves as. 

The first thing I thought is: how can I attract people to write about asexual living?  Simple answer: beg and plead!

I am looking for anyone willing to share your experience of asexuality at this site, as an access to greater understanding and respect.  Please, register and share with us all, so that we may know you in your own words. 

In the meantime, while you are doing that, the rest of us will watch this nifty video from Montel Williams, on asexuality:


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There's an upcoming

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There's an upcoming documentary about this -- I heard about it at CineKink.  Trailer:

Oh, Monty.

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Dear God were they nasty to the guests!

Oooh, ooh! Pick me! :P

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 I was contacted on my blog - which deals with my experiences as an asexual- about cross-posting here. I would probably edit my posts so that they'd fit more into this site's context... Would that be okay?

(just for the record, the blog's at . Take a look, and if you think that I'm a little bit too scary, don't get back to me :) )

I often thought about the

I often thought about the subject of asexuality and how it work. I have a friend who claims he is gay but at the same time he claims he is asexual. He has issues with men and women and often confuses himself. I should look up a case study on this if it exsit.

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