Be a Pen-Pal to a Trans/Queer Prisoner!

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Gender JUST received a stack of letters from trans/queer prisoners seeking pen-pals with other trans/queer folk on the outside. Contact if you're interested in taking one of these letters and corresponding!

Trans/Queer folk, particularly those of color, and disproportionately targeted by the Prison-Industrial-Complex.

A SFDPH study found that 2/3 of transwomen have been incarcerated and more than 30 percent had been incarcerated during the last 12 months! This is because of the way that our society criminalizes gender and profits from incarceration.

Becoming a pen-pal can give a person in prison vital emotional support, help prisoners be less vulnerable to violence, and assist in building networks and resources for release. Time commitment is whatever you want it to be – writing one letter a month, which can take as little as half and hour, would be great.

Contact for more info and/or to start corresponding with a trans/queer person in prison!
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