Beaverton Police Officer Caught Sexually Abusing Prostitutes

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Emily Smith of the Oregonian writes of Beaverton, Oregon police officer, Joshua Jensen, who was convicted of two counts of prostitution, coercion, and two counts of official misconduct.  He was sentenced to 30 months in jail - a sentence I feel is not long enough.  As the comments on this story clearly show, there are those who think that people that sell sex are less than human; not worthy of respect; incapable of being victims.  I could not disagree with that line of thinking more, and this story embodies exactly why.

"When he first took me back behind the Dumpster ... my hands were shaking," one of the victims told The Oregonian Wednesday.

"I was scared – his whole demeanor was very intimidating," she said. "I really didn't know what to expect or what would happen."

In the first incident, Jensen told the woman what she was doing as a prostitute was wrong. Then he asked for oral sex. She asked if she had to, and he said she didn't. Afterward, he paid her $40.

But with the second woman, Jensen asked her why he shouldn't arrest her. She replied that she wouldn't do it anymore.

He said, "Well, if there's something I want out of it," then unzipped his pants, reports show.

The woman told investigators and The Oregonian that Jensen then "grabbed me by the back of the head and forced my head down, and I really didn't have a choice."

Consider this, an officer of the law- tough on crime and all that jazz- forced two women to perform oral sex. It was forced sex- assault. Although Jensen visited these women before and paid for sexual favors during previous encounters, in this instance he forced them to comply and then veritably threw money at them.

Jensen's explanation for the reason he had prostitute's phone numbers:

Jensen told detectives he spoke with prostitutes by phone and in person to counsel them because "he was trying to help them out."

This single line is what enrages me. This isn't just his pathetic attempt to appear not guilty, he is actually shifting blame. It is implicit in this one line with all that dripping condescension, that prostitutes are not able to be sexually assaulted because they aren't worthy of full protection of the law. In this case and in this state Mr. Jensen, they indeed are.

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Former Beaverton Police Officer Joshua Jensen Pleads Guilty -Beaverton Police Department (PDF)

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